In what situation did Novoseltsev say he would continue his career 22.04.2024, 22:47

Ivan Novoseltsev, former football player of Zenit, Rostov and the Russian national team Interview with He stated that he would consider continuing his career if Valery Karpin or Kurban Berdyev invited him to their clubs.

Karpin is the head coach of Rostov, and Berdyev is an advisor to the president of Dinamo Makhachkala Gadzhi Gadzhiev.

“It was a conscious decision to end my career because nothing was meeting my interests at the time. “I may only consider returning if these people, whom I respect immensely, invite me,” Novoseltsev said.

The football player also emphasized that the interest of Karpin or Berdyev does not mean that he will necessarily continue his career, as “he already has other interests and plans.”

However, the former Zenit defender noted that he continues to train six times a week.

“I am an athlete by profession; I love sports and everything connected with it. “I believe that playing sports is the foundation of any person, the basis that allows him to form his character and maintain not only the physical body, but also his spiritual health,” Novoseltsev said.

The football player announced his retirement in March 2023, at the age of 31.

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Source: Gazeta


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