A cave, a group of friends, and a challenge ahead: Build a soccer team to stand up to others in the areaEspecially Alicante, which has recently emerged from this sport, which has recently started galloping at an almost dizzying speed and has become the most popular sport in the world.

Elche was born in its own way as a union of various groups in the city. Because of this diversity, it is perhaps unclear whether its founding should be attributed to August 1922 or January 1923. It’s probably the same diversity, this unity, this sense of belonging that has saved him many times over the course of 100 years. years of life will disappear and therefore this event, which will be celebrated during the current season, will not be fulfilled.

of the The pyrotechnic cave of the Albarranch familyWhere another symbol of the city was created, such as the Virgin’s palm tree, the idea of ​​​​a football team representing the city of palm trees arose. He would do this first at regional competitions and over the years at the national level, with the birth of the Spanish league in 1929 and the growth of a club that would rise to elite in 1959.

Then came his golden age which led him to stay in the top spot for over a decade, make the Altabix stadium terrible, finish fifth in the League and Madrid dreamed of winning the 1969 Cup on the day they were Elche. . . .

But before that, Elche already wrote magnificent lines in her history. Paco Gonzalez brought professionalism, Anton Fivber After seeing the palm grove from the top of the Santa María Basilica, he drew a green stripe on his shirt and cooperative The number of players saved the entity from extinction. Between them Michael QuirantMore than half a century later, it’s still the life story of the club.

Players, coaches, staff, managers and fans have shaped Elche’s history. Challenges are back. He had to save his life several times during the month of July 2015, almost at the last minute or after an administrative landing on the night of the Gran Teatro (1994). In all these cases the photo was repeated, with the popular audience of Franjiverdismo proclaimed several times in the foreground to prevent a death, but never executed.

Heaven and hell. Victory and pain. Elche lived in both worlds for 100 years. After opening up to modern football and surrendering himself to football’s hands, now is a time of prosperity. Christian Bragnik, an Argentine businessman who is on the path of an illegal adoption. As requested in that cave, a hundred years ago, Elche was one of the cornerstones of its city. Rodriguez Irles and his company can be proud of the club they founded.