The manager talked about the differences in attitudes towards football in Russia and Europe 20:29

Football manager Alexey Safonov, who represents the interests of various local football players, talked about the difference in approach to football in Russia and Europe, emphasizing that football is seen a little more simply abroad.

“Every match in Russia is a challenge. For example, in Europe, I went to the Barcelona and Real Madrid matches more than once. Messi has his own restaurant there and the players of both teams gathered there after a head-to-head match, they fought so hard on the field Even though they were dead, their heads could have been cut off, sparks were flying. This is professionalism, and our coach will review the mistakes in the match all night long,” Safonov said. Legal betting.

The manager also emphasized that European championships and European cup matches can be discussed as a product with high infrastructure quality. Among the advantages, Safonov highlighted the sale of beer and paraphernalia, as well as the opportunity for spectators to leave the stadium stands within three minutes after the final whistle. In addition, their work, which includes the obligation of football players to sign autographs with fans, has become an important part of football in Europe. At the same time, in Asia, coaches are allowed to beat players with sticks, and discipline is seen as the main advantage of Eastern football players.

It was previously known that Abaskal. I didn’t say goodbye with Spartak players after retirement.

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Source: Gazeta


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