Marathon days cycling for more than four hours a day mean: diet of participating cyclists Tour de France 2022 be very strict. Foods rich in protein and providing the maximum amount of energy are important, but you should not forget that they are easily digestible.


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Athletes also consume it. energy bars and gels During testing to withstand enormous physical exertion. During the 21 stages, each cyclist can eat more than a hundred of these supplements. While the bars are largely made of dried fruit and nuts, the gels are intended to provide caffeine. There are many textures and flavors, each participant chooses his favorite.

As for drinks, in addition to many liters of water, hundreds of liters isotonic beverage. Professional formulas can provide almost a hundred grams of sugar without affecting the stomach.

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Another essential nutrient in any athlete’s diet pasta. High carbohydrate intake explains this. They also eat a lot snacks which, how else could it be in France, made with baguettes.

And while it may sound shocking to cyclists at first, hot chocolate. They were the predecessors of isotonic drinks because their functions are fundamentally similar: to provide sugar. However, when the latter was released, the hot chocolate fell into the moments before sleep.