Details of Promes’ presence in the UAE have been announced 07:39

Spartak forward Quincy Promes is under house arrest in the UAE. This was reported by

According to the source, the Spartak football player may be extradited to the Netherlands. But on Sunday the Amsterdam prosecutor’s office refused to say whether a formal extradition request had been made.

On February 14, an Amsterdam court sentenced Promes to six years in prison for cocaine trafficking. The hearing of the case was held on January 24, and the prosecutor’s office requested that Promesa be sentenced to 9 years in prison. On 16 February, the Dutchman was placed on the international wanted list.

On March 1, journalist Ivan Karpov reported that Promes was detained in Dubai due to an accident. Promes fled the scene of the accident, hoping no one would notice. Later, the football player was detained by local law enforcement while going through passport control to fly from the UAE to Russia.

Sport24 reported that Promes was released from the police station, but there has been no talk yet about his return to Russia. He missed the match against Zenit on 2 March. The meeting ended in a draw.

Previously president of RPL Alaev acceptedPromes will be banned from playing in Russia.

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Source: Gazeta


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