Dzyuba’s first coach said that Loko’s new player could end Dzyuba’s career 17:48

Alexander Shuplyakov, children’s coach of Lokomotiv striker Artem Dzyuba, believes that the striker prepared the field after leaving football. His words are quoted Metatations.

“It looks like Artem is considering retiring from his career. Maybe his physical preparation already speaks to this.

I don’t think he’s given up, but he’s trying to figure things out. It is possible that the Bosnian player will end Dziuba’s career. Let’s take a look. We may be wrong. Maybe his retirement will be announced soon. I think we will know about Artyom’s future by May,” said Shuplyakov.

In the winter, Lokomotiv announced the transfer of 23-year-old Toulouse striker Said Hamulich.

Dzyuba signed a contract with Lokomotiv for the 2022/23 season. Later, the player and the club extended the contract under the 1+1 plan.

This season, Dzyuba played 16 matches in the Russian Championship and four matches in the National Cup and scored four goals and three assists. Last season, the striker shared the title of the team’s top scorer with Wilson Isidore and Anton Miranchuk, who played for only half of the season.

Previously in one word Dziuba answered When asked about a career in cinema.

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Source: Gazeta


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