FIFA announces major change for Qatar 2022 World Cup FIFA Council Bureau has approved Qatar 2022 World Cup. Increase in templates starting from 23 up to 26 players.

The bureau also announced that they can sit at 1.5 spares in the bench, so the selectors won’t have to throw. For example, a situation where Luis Enrique considers it important to decide the active number of his relationship. Lucho was not in favor of having to leave the players in the stands to avoid disappointment among his students.

Qatar’s bench will be huge because all eleven members of the coaching staff will be allowed to participate, including one the team’s doctor.

Another innovation is that the temporary list has increased from 33 to 55. From this list, Finally, 26 players who will participate in the tournament will be announced. This is a non-public listing and selectors must notify weeks before the competition begins.

Finally, FIFA has confirmed that the last league game has been played. Players on the final lists will play on November 13, 2022. It should be noted that the World Cup will start on Monday, November 21, with the Senegal-Netherlands match.

this FIFA Council Bureau It consists of the head of the organization, Gianni Infantino, and the presidents of the six confederations.