Paco Peña works hard at Hercules. The new technical secretary for the blue and white team must practically build the team from scratch as the days go by and the pre-season kickoff time approaches. The ex-captain of Hércules should hire 20 players, alongside the new coach who will already set up the roster: 15 pros (he already owns Toscano) and 4 under 23 (fifth must be César Moreno). This is in about a month for the team to work Six weeks with all parts before the championship starts. The first step to start construction is the refurbishment of captain Raúl Ruiz.. His involvement is considered an essential part of the project due to his knowledge of the club and his relationship with the fans. Making his debut for the Hercules A team at the age of 18, Raúl Ruiz returned to victory and while there’s not much to blame him for personally, the truth is he’s looking forward to celebrating a choir success that will help him. He is mitigating the negativity he has experienced in the three campaigns he has participated in since his return to Rico Pérez in the 2020 winter market. Along with him, Álex Martínez, Nico Espinosa, Federico Bikoro, Borja Díaz and Adrián López are also interested, but still interested. It is not clear whether they all signed the blue and white kit.

At the same time, The club is looking for strikers who can guarantee a certain number of goals. and put an end to the drought of the last seasons. The entity is clear that hitting that position is essential to imagining escaping the well. Currently, the entity has both Toscano and César Moreno under contract, but the sale of Elche junior staff is not excluded if the amount satisfies the Blues and Whites. He had a great season and there are many clubs interested in him. Although negotiable, its clause is three million euros.

Ángel Rodríguez, the new manager of Hércules

Before embarking on any major moves, the first step is to know how much Ortiz has budgeted for Hércules’ first team. The team will need a bigger amount this season as they have to travel much longer than last season. Hercules is already working against the clock to build an exciting squad in the fourth category of Spanish football.

What Hercules will have to deal with this season is a tense atmosphere after disappointing seasons. During the Bonfires, the mobilization of some of the fans against the Enrique Ortiz administration continues. The last one this Thursday took place in Alfonso el Sabio.

Presentation by Angel Rodriguez

Hércules plans to introduce Ángel Rodríguez as the new coach of the blue and white team this Monday at 12:30 at Rico Pérez. He will be the 18th coach of the last 10 years. The coach managed Pontevedra before Langreo and last season when he was promoted to First RFEF. Taking over from Sergio Mora, Leonese signed for one more season with the option to extend his contract for one more season in case of promotion. It is the club’s first move with Peña.