The producer explained why Zagitova and Valieva sang 04:50

Music producer Pavel Rudchenko shared his thoughts on Russian figure skaters trying themselves in a musical career. His words guide the way Sports24.

“When an Olympic champion comes out to sing, the expectations are huge. Zagitova, Valieva and Trusova are very creative people in their own right. There is a huge fan base that needs to be entertained and engaged. “Of course, when a figure skater ends her active sports career, they can tell her that she should capitalize on her popularity,” he said.

Figure skater Kamila Valieva, who was disqualified for violating anti-doping rules, recorded a joint song with Mia Boyka. The track’s release is scheduled for April 26, 2024, the day Valieva comes of age. It was reported that the song would be in the style of “modern nursery rhyme”.

On December 19, Alexandra Trusova released a new track called “I’m not a doll”. Trusova recorded the song with her best friends, figure skaters Sofia Samodelkina and Maria Levushkina. This is the skater’s second song; In June 2023, Trusova released a video for the song “Two Wings” on her 19th birthday.

In February 2023, Alina Zagitova sang a duet song with Zivert as part of the show “Lovers in Figure Skating”.

Valieva’s former doctor stated about the skater’s innocence in the doping case.

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Source: Gazeta


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