“Olga will go against Buzova”: Zagitova will hold a boxing match

At first, she attracted the attention of fans of figure skaters. On social networks, he posted a photo from the hall, where he posed with boxing gloves.

“Preparing for something new…” Zagitova signed her photo.

A little later, RIA Novosti reported that the 2018 Olympic champion will hold an exhibition boxing match. The name of the opponent that the athlete will fight will be determined later. However, the well-known commentator Dmitry Guberniev has already spoken about this. According to her, Zagitova will enter the ring against the famous TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova. The journalist mocked him, saying that he was ready to go out and show the plates with the bullet numbers.

“Great! I was told that she already looks like she will go against Olga Buzova. Everything will be great! I think the girls should be in swimsuits and fight as long as possible. Ten rounds and extra time. And it will be fine! People are looking for positive emotions for themselves, new horizons “I can only welcome that. And I’ll go out as a ring fight and show signs with bullets,” Sport24 quotes Guberniev.

The topic that Olga Buzova is a rival to Zagitova was taken up by the well-known organizer Vladimir Khryunov, who said that he was ready to help organize this fight, and also said who will be the favorite and how much the singer can get paid. this fight.

“Who’s the favourite? You know, it’s a man’s endless choice: between blondes and brunettes. I’ll definitely say this is a great idea and I’m ready to organize this battle. For that, we can change the rules a bit, the number of laps, the times, we’ll ask you not to hit anything. This kind of I already have experience in organizing fights, but still majesty boxing.

Fee? It depends on what kind of stadium we are collecting. But I think this will be the biggest price for Buzova in her career. TV channels are already fighting for this event, ”quotes Legalbet Khryunov.

At the end of May, the figure skater was already sharing video footage from boxing training on his Telegram channel. The 20-year-old Olympic champion demonstrated his fist practice: while in the ring, he hit the coach’s “paws”. Initially, the fans did not consider Zagitova’s new hobby something serious and assumed that it was necessary only for self-defense. However, photos from boxing training began to appear more and more often.

The figure skater’s decision to hold an exhibition boxing match surprised many. Renat Laishev, Head of the Sambo-70 Sports and Education Center, admitted that he was surprised by this news and noted that the duel will be more fun than fighting.

“Is Alina going to fight? You surprised me. I don’t think there will be a fight, it’s more like a show. Alina is popular and independent, she chooses which invitations to accept, it’s her income, it’s normal and natural. Boxing is a good thing.

Alina did not turn to me for advice, but I myself do not have the right to take any action in this direction. If Zagitova called me, I would first find out what kind of event, who the organizers are, because there are many different directions, and then I would advise, ”Laishev told Metaratings.ru.

The well-known ballerina, dancer and public figure Anastasia Volochkova voiced her opinion. She said she saw women’s fights as a terrible sight, but noted that if Zagitova needed a show performance in this type of show, she had the right to accept the challenge.

“A beautiful woman, proving her power and dignity to the whole world, enters the ring and reveals her face. What if he’s hit hard? What’s next? Get well and get well.

I don’t understand this at all! Why is this necessary? Alina absolutely does not need PR. The whole country knows him by sight! I’m sorry, don’t blame me, but in case of Alina’s challenge, if she accepts, I will come to support her, ”said Sport24 Volochkova.

Figure skater Zagitova isn’t the only one to try herself in a new sport this season. Alexandra Trusova, the silver medalist of the 2022 Olympic Games, participated in the Athletics Week held in Moscow. The athlete performed in the long jump. She took four tries in total, and each time she jumped better and better. The first attempt – 3.80 m, the second – 3.94 m, the third – 4.10 m, and the last time the skater set a personal record – 4.19 m. With this result, he took the last sixth place, as he competed with the professionals. in the long jump.

State Duma deputy Irina Rodnina, a three-time Olympic champion in pair skating, spoke highly critically about the change in the roles performed by figure skaters.

“Whatever amuses the child, as long as he does not cry. Girls don’t know what to do anymore, they are like chains. Either one surprises with his desires, then the second. I proceed from the fact that in childhood they did not play enough, ”RBC quoted Rodnina.

According to the World Boxing Council (WBC), former world heavyweight champion Grigory Drozd admitted that Zagitova’s fight did not interest him at all, and also stated that he did not like women’s fights and felt a little sorry for the figure skater.

“Honestly, I personally don’t care. Alina is a sweet, beautiful girl and a great athlete, she competes in figure skating, a very beautiful and gentle women’s sport, and I do not want to see her with boxing gloves.

So I don’t know why to do it. This does not concern me and I feel a little sorry for Alina. Because I don’t like girls beating each other at all, ”says RIA Novosti, of Drozd’s words.

Olympic champion Alina Zagitova is trying herself in a variety of roles after her career suspension, both as a host on the Ice Age show and as a Channel One reporter during the Games. And now the figure skater, who won gold in all major tournaments, decided to replace figure skating with boxing and even organize an exhibition match. The well-known organizer Vladimir Khryunov volunteered to help the organization, and commentator Dmitry Guberniev named the alleged opponent – it should be singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova.

Source: Gazeta


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