Tutberidze’s daughter showed her father to the public for the first time

Diana Davis posted two photos on social networks: in one, she is hugging her father, wearing a plain gray jacket, and in the background you can see the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.

In the second picture, a man stands alone on the pier, holding a glass in his hand.

In December 2021, Tutberidze refused to answer the question of who is the father of his daughter.

“We don’t have a father. It happens. It seems to me that a woman gives birth to a child for herself. If a man for some reason rejects this story … That’s why I always say that Diana has me, and Diana is ”

– said Tutberidze on the broadcast of Channel One.

Interestingly, Davis said in 2018 that his father regularly comes to Russia from the United States and gives him gifts.

The future skater was born on January 16, 2003 in Las Vegas, and Tutberidze said that his father is an American.

At the same time, the girl took a surname Sergeevna. Therefore, the fans of Davis and Tutberidze began to jokingly call the man in the paintings “Sergio Davis”.

In the figure skating world, there have been rumors for a long time that the real father of the girl is the skater Sergei Buyanov, but Tutberidze never confirmed this information. Buyanov is married to Elena Vodorezova, a former skater and now renowned coach, who since 1984 led Adelina Sotnikova to the Sochi-2014 gold medal.


Tutberidze and her daughter had to endure many trials. When the girl was two and a half years old, she began to have serious hearing problems due to the fact that doctors prescribed her the wrong antibiotics. Diana developed third-degree sensorineural hearing loss.

Davis was very hard of hearing and could only decipher some words from his lips. Tutberidze took his daughter to Germany, but the doctors only shrugged.

Despite health problems, the girl decided to follow the example of her mother and connect her life with sports. She wanted to do synchronized swimming, but when she was six, Tutberidze took her to the rink.

“I loved swimming. And my breathing was so good – I could hold my breath and swim 70 meters underwater. It didn’t cost me anything,” Davis recalled of his passion for synchronized swimming.

The girl also said that her mother was always demanding of her and did not show tolerance.

“Sometimes I wanted to prove to myself and my mom that I could do something, but it didn’t always work. So sometimes we had disagreements. He’s demanding. And as many have written, it’s not bad at all. It seems to me that my mom is just a strict coach. She can joke sometimes. ,” Davis said in an interview with Telesport in the fall of 2021.

Hearing problems caused the skater to suffer from coordination that interfered with his jumps and turns. When she was 13, her mother insisted that she switch to ice dancing.

“I always wanted more pair skating. They jumped at me, I did everything except the triple rittberger – it showed up every time. I had problems with stability in solo. And once I went out after the holidays – I lost a lot of weight, I grew up. And all my jumps disappeared in an instant, even the simplest ones. So my mom got tired and said, “Guys, let’s dance.”

At first, I combined dancing and singles – jumping into a training session, for the second – going out to skate in pairs. Then, with the combination, it somehow didn’t quite work out and I finally got to the dance,” Davis recalled.

The figure skater also admitted that she grew up as a hooligan as a child, which angered her mother and threatened to send her to military school.

“They kicked me out of kindergarten, I always ran somewhere. He did his best to get attention. I nearly got hit by a car once. That’s why my mom really said she was going to send me to a military school. Of course, he was just kidding, but in principle I was not against going there, ”she said.

Despite childhood tricks and disagreements in the educational process, Tutberidze and her daughter now have an excellent relationship: on February 24, Davis published a touching post on social networks dedicated to her mother’s birthday.

“Mom, happy birthday. You are the best,” she wrote.

Now the 19-year-old figure skater performs in ice dancing with Gleb Smolkin, with whom she maintains a romantic relationship. Together they became the silver medalist of the 2022 Russian Championship and placed 14th at the Beijing Olympics. Currently, the couple is studying in the USA, and Tutberidze is with them.

Russian skater Diana Davis, daughter of famous trainer Eteri Tutberidze, shared a photo with her father for the first time. It is interesting that Tutberidze insisted that even in winter his daughter “had no father”, while Diana, on the contrary, claimed that she helped the family and gave her gifts. socialbites.ca tells the difficult story of the Tutberidze family.

Source: Gazeta


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