Culture and Sports Minister Miquel Iceta wanted to meet with voices from the independence movement accusing the Government of not doing enough for the 2030 Winter Olympics candidacy to stand out. He remembered it was Iceta most Spanish Olympic Committee who should approve The government gives its “institutional and economic support” to the candidacy only after that.

after expressing Government’s “distress and disgust” for “lost opportunity” He said that unlike other countries such as China, where the minister of sports is also the chairman of the Olympic committee, this figure has its own presence in Spain and Alexander White.

attributed to Iceta, A fiasco to the “dispute between the governments” of Catalonia and AragonHe stressed that if several candidates from a country intend to compete for an Olympic nomination, that country’s committee should choose one of them based on “technical criteria” and options for further international support.

In this sense, he lamented the failure of the joint candidacy because “big numberIt was because it competed against other venues that already hosted the games, such as Salt Lake City, Sapporo, and Vancouver. And the International Olympic Committee was very interested in the new candidates,” he assured.