Smorodskaya had a fight with Semin because of a Ukrainian football player 07:06

Olga Smorodskaya, the former president of Lokomotiv Moscow, said that her dispute with the head coach of the railway workers, Yuri Semin, started after he refused to transfer Dynamo Kiev’s striker Artem Milevsky. His words were quoted Sports24.

“Semin wanted to sign Milevsky. We called Surkis, he set the price at 12 million euros, I tried to reduce it to 10 million, but they refused. There was no such money in the club’s budget, and I realized that Milevsky would not be in the team.

By then I had learned a lot about him; A drinking, undisciplined and unstable football player. We didn’t need such a player. If you look for a long time, Surkis did not sell Milevsky anywhere.

My decision did not suit Yuri Palych and he turned to his fans who were already angry with me. Then banners began to appear in the stadium: “Give Milevsky! Smorodskaya, get out of the club! – said Smorodskaya.

Olga Smorodskaya was the president of Lokomotiv between 2010 and 2016, and in 2015 the red-green team won the Russian Cup.

Milevsky defended the colors of Dynamo Kiev from 2002 to 2013 and became a three-time national champion. He is also known for his performances in Russian Tosno, Belarusian Dynamo and Ukrainian Minai. Milevsky completed his professional career in 2021. He has 50 matches in the Ukrainian national team.

Previously Smorodskaya condemned Zarema for criticizing “everyone and everything” in Russian football.

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Source: Gazeta


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