Lots of teams second divisionup to four Elche CF and to find out what Salinas was doing with his environment. future in franciverde club and if there is a possibility of going out on credit.

One of the most popular, Miranda languageWhile in Salamanca, Unionistas tried to sign him last winter Sunday. In January, castile He also considered the possibility after injury. Miguel Gutierrez.

The good season of Franjiverde’s young team at the First RFEF did not go unnoticed. and many clubs in the silver category have a young football player from Callosa de Segura in red letters.

Despite being able to make the leap to the Second Division, Salinas frowned. The illusion of being able to convince Francisco and stay in the first team in the pre-season.

That’s what they think at the Elche club too it’s time to give it a chance. The left-back signed an extension and renewal of his contract with Elche until 2025 last March. And the promise of the franciverde establishment was that he would make it with the first team before the season.

“When you are a young player for Elche, you dream of reaching the first team. For me this is a dream and I really want to start the pre-season. and give the maximum,” Salinas commented at the time. At the same time, “I felt Elche’s support throughout the year. Staying in the first team would be a dream and a sign that I’m doing well. I can’t wait to touch this dream.”

replacement for mojica

Francisco’s initial intention is to be able to continue to rely on Mojica as a first left-back and take his young squad as a backup.fulfill the developed role Lucas Olaza When it arrives in January. Elche’s coach is aware that the Colombian is a reliable player and Salinas can replace him if necessary.

The youth team would be very pleased with this role, because It will open up the possibility of playing multiple matches throughout the season between LaLiga and the King’s Cup.. He would also learn with the Colombian and have more options when he leaves with his team.

Francisco even commented on the possibility of playing with him. three central defenders and two lanes, a function that fits both Mojica and Salinas perfectlyplayers with offensive characteristics.

Again, If Elche decides to buy another left-back and the Colombian is not transferred, the young player’s role will change completely..

In this case, the junior squad would be loaned to one of the Second Division teams. who is interested.

Always stay in reserve and Not playing any minute means stopping your progress and letting the opportunity pass you by. continue to climb the ladder in your career.

In the Elche club they already know the parameters of the two options and The first decision was that Salinas start the preseason and put himself under Francisco’s command. and once the roster is complete, decide what is the best solution for both sides, seeing the role it can play in the first team.

The player is excited to be part of the first team in a season as important as the Centennial. At the club they have confidence in his qualities and see him with the possibility of making the final jump to the first team. 4th of July He will come under Francisco’s command, and the pre-season will be what determines Salinas’ future for the next campaign.