Former Spanish tennis player David Ferrer has become the new tournament director of the tournament. finals The Davis Cup, where Rakuten replaces Albert Costa, who has been in office since 2019, is confirmed this Tuesday by competition organizer Kosmos Tennis.

Ferrer, former world number 3 and retired in 2009He played 20 Davis Cup qualifying matches with the Spanish team and lifted the ‘Silver Salad Bowl’ three times. “I’m so excited to be involved in the project. Davis is a unique competition. As a player, it’s one of those great tournaments you’ve always wanted to play in because of its meaning. You compete as a team, you protect your colors. country, spend a week with your teammates and the atmosphere in the stands is incredible,” he said.

Also from Madrid, Francisco ‘Pato’ Clavet Rejoined Kosmos as assistant tournament director support the competition department.

“2022 will be a big challenge again. The new format, which started in 2019, has been changed every year in order to develop and adapt it to the needs of the players, fans and sponsors. Based on my experience, my ultimate goal is to help this edition of the Davis Cup be a great success,” Ferrer added.

Total, 16 teams will participate this year in the group stage, which will take place from September 13-18 at four locations: Bologna, Glasgow, Hamburg and Valencia. The top two teams from each venue will automatically qualify for the Malaga Final on 22-27 November.

The 16 countries participating in the group stage are: Germany, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, France, England, Italy, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Netherlands, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, United States.