With five seconds left in the match, the goal obtained when Dutch center Pipy Wolfs took advantage of the rebound after Danila So Delgado’s shot, allowed AtticGo Balonmano Elche to add an important point to the field of the big favorite Super Amara Bera. Bera ensures that they maintain first place in the Guerreras-Iberdrola League. In addition, the Franjiverdes warriors are now leaders in the solitaire game after the defeat of second-placed Costa del Sol Málaga at the Caja Rural Aula Valladolid venue. While the San Sebastián team could have been first if they had beaten the Elche team, they took third place with a draw.

The match was quite balanced as expected. The Basque team started the match better and took a 4-goal lead in the 15th minute (10-6). However, Joaquín Rocamora’s team never gave up and knew how to react in the last part of the first half, reaching the first half with a draw (16-16).

AtticGo Elche, who defended well in the second half and knew how to attack Bera Bera’s open defense, got back into the match. The Franjiverdes warriors had an advantage of up to three goals and the possibility of closing in on four. The San Sebastian team, which did not allow the Elche players to disrespect their field, equalized the score in the last part of the match and even took the lead at the last minute (27-26).

But Joaquín Rocamora’s students did not have the last word. The Oriolano coach took a timeout to explain the final attack. AtticGo’s top scorer Danila So Delgada took the shot, missed the goal, and Pipy Wolfs, the smartest player in his class, collected the rebound and tied the game at 27 with 5 seconds left. The electronics no longer move and for AtticGo Elche this point tastes like victory, the exact opposite of Bera Bera.

The Franjiverdes warriors will now park the League for a week to focus on the first leg of the EHF European Cup quarter-final tie, which will take place on Sunday 18 February at 12 noon at the Esperanza Lag pavilion in WHC Skopje. in Macedonia.

Joaquín Rocamora’s team continues to survive in all three competitions (League, Cup and Europe) and continues to dream of the title this season.


SUPER AMARA BERA BERA: Alice Da Silva, Maddi Aalla, Estrher Arrojería (2), Mariane Oliveira (1), Emma Boada, Alba Menéndez, Laura Hernández (1), Malena Cavo (6), Maitane Echeverria (2), Elke Karsten (7), Lyndie Tchaptchet (2), June Loidi, Anne Erauskin (4), Lydia Blanco, Guiliana Gavilán (1), Carmen Arroyo (1)

Atticgo Elche: Nicole Morales, Marisol Carratu, Katia Zhukova, Tessa Van Zijl (5), Lisa Oppedal (2), Patricia Méndez (2), Nuria Andreu, Danila So Delgado (6), Clara Gascó (2), María Flores, Zaira Benítez ( 1), María Carrillo, Pipy Wolfs (1), Paola Bernabé (3), Alexandra Do Nascimento (5) and Kelly Rosa.

MARKER EVERY 5 MINUTES: 2-1, 6-2, 10-6, 12-10, 13-12, 16-16 (intermediate) 19-18, 19.21, 21-23, 23-24, 25-26 and 27-27 (final) .

REFEREES: Raúl Oyarzun and Aritz Zaragueta

PAVILION: Anoeta de San Sebastián, in front of approximately 700 spectators.


Rocasa Gran Canaria-ELDA PRESTIGE 35-27

Kh-7 Granollers-Mecalia Atlético Guardés 31-22

Caja Rural Aula Valladolid-Costa del Sol Malaga 33-21

Lobas Global Atac Oviedo-Conservas Orbe Rubensa Porriño 26-31

Motive.co Gijón La Calzada-Replesa Beti Onak 21-25

Super Amara Bera Bera-ATTICGO ELCHE 27-27



2-Costa del Sol Malaga 26

3-Super Amara Bera Bera 26

4-Caja Rural Aula Valladolid 25

5-Orbe Rubensa Protects Porriño 23

6-Mecalia Atlético Guardés 22

7-KH-7 Granulators 20

8-Rocasa Gran Canaria 13

9-Replesa Beti Onak 12


11-Motive.co La Calzada Gijón 2

12-Lobas Global Atac Oviedo 2