Elche CF coach Sebastián Beccacece analyzed tomorrow’s match at the press conference. Winter market is over The coach devoted all his time to reporting on the situation of the team and the opponentAs well as insisting on his opinion about the process that the Franjiverde team continues to experience this season.

When asked about the team’s motivation level, the Rosario coach stated that the team had its first opportunity to defend its place in the promotion play-offs and achieved its third consecutive win. “It’s very easy to motivate these players because we experience all the games in a unique way“I think this is the most recommended.”

Day 26

Elche will face this Saturday (16:15) in the low hours, a red-light team that has had a bad start to the year. “We want to continue to grow; this is a new opportunity to continue to contribute and nurture our dreams. That’s why the preparations have not changed anything compared to other games. Considering that the last game was one of the few games we won, I don’t know if we deserved to win. It would have been better if we had drawn. We must learn from such situations and keep in mind that on this match day we are not playing at home and our opponent is in a situation from which he wants to get out,” the coach said.

Sebastián Beccacece, coach of Elche CF INFORMATION


Beccacece said, “We are together for this cause and we need to move forward, continue to work to be more united and more excited. We had a great night the other day, what happened was great, but now the deadline has passed. We ran 124 kilometers. Against a very formidable opponent who must be cleared and prevented from attacking us. Amorebieta will want the same from us. “If we make peace, we will end the beautiful thing we built.”

For Green Franjives, “Every match is the last match. Our players give everything. Maybe this is not enough for us, but it will not be with self-sacrifice.”. In this way, he said, “We have a very cohesive group in the locker room that talks about unity, about the values ​​that we have. We are all dedicated to this dream and focused on presenting the best version of ourselves. Interestingly, in this period where individualism prevails, we talk about united groups like this team.” “We can do it. Even though we have our own mistakes and differences, we make mistakes… That’s how families are… Not everything is a bed of roses.”

Beccacece has used each of his forwards as starters in the last three games. Are you happy with all three? “I am happy with all three attackers, their dedication in every training and every match. We usually start the matches with more of a central attacker and two wingers… Mourad has more presence, Borja has lack of control and duels and Manu is also very “In order not to be a reference, he can play further back and on the sides. We act according to what we want for each match. I am happy with all three of them, as well as the Sports Management and the management. Christian (Bragarnik).”

Match by match

LaLiga Hypemotion has yet to be defined. “We have another 17 kilometers to go; that’s an eternity. We go kilometer by kilometer. We don’t get on the success train or get depressed when things don’t go well. Underlining that the opponent is “a team that is very determined and brave, needs very little space to achieve the opponent’s goal, and maintains its aggressiveness and aggressiveness,” the coach said, “We will go to a place that is extremely loyal to the institution and prudent.” Competitiveness despite changes in technicians. We already had this problem at home. While it is true that we got fewer points than we deserved, looking at the season it seems that perhaps we would not have deserved the three points in Martínez Valero’s match against Amorebieta. It was one of the few games where we achieved positive things because we were strong with dead ball.But we didn’t play well because we were so disconnected.”

For Beccacece “It is positive to remember the home game to remember how focused we need to be to avoid making the same mistakes. “We will win, we are going with that perspective and with that goal, we want to beat them in our stadium, knowing that we are facing an opponent who has already caused us a lot of problems.”

Sebastián Beccacece, coach of Elche CF INFORMATION

The team is in form

Right now, “I think we are a very fit team. This is not enough, but it is one of our characteristics. There are other teams with very high efficiency. Others who stand back and look for cons. Others are more dominant. Our determining factor is the commitment trait. Besides the fact that we have a great professional like Martín Bressan who does an excellent job, the players work for the love of the field, the dressing room, their coaches and their people… this is the main driving force. It’s about giving a little more. If we can keep this up for a while, we have regularity. “This is our strong point of unity and we must always play with this love.”

Beccacece also underlines the following fact from her team: “They are finishing us very narrowly. I hope we can continue at this level because it shows everyone’s determination.”From first to last in defense. “But we also have to be prepared because there will be challenges… We have to insist that this is the way to get to the game.”


According to Koç, the new ones “bring freshness, because they come with new vibes”, while the new ones “bring all the excitement when you arrive in a new place. It leaves that famous state of comfort.” His arrival puts him in a place where he must bring out the best in himself. And even more so when he joins a very trained and very tough team that puts him to the test from the very first moment.”

Specifically asked questions David LopezBeccacece believes that “he is a young man with a lot of talent, who is in a position to play and whose strength, presence and height can give us security. Álex Martín emerged and it was important to fill that void.”