A new revolution is about to touch the football world. According to the Telegraph, Blue cards will be applied in matchesAfter IFAB approves. These will be used as the midpoint between the yellow and red cards. According to British media, It was stated that the player who received a blue card would be expelled from the game for 10 minutes of the match.and then can return to the playing field.

The Telegraph states that the card will be used to expel players who commit unsportsmanlike fouls (without a red card) or criticize the referee’s decisions. Also reportedly If a player receives two blue cards or a combination of yellow and blue during the matchHe should get a red card.

blue cards They have already been tested in Welsh grassroots football and its implementation has led to a reduction in tactical fouls and disagreements. This color was chosen instead of orange due to fear that there might be confusion between the cards.

The IFAB will announce the change next FridayAlthough it will not be implemented immediately at the first stage. Elite competitions will be excluded from the initial testing phase.