this collapse Go on. There is no escape from the bewilderment of the abyss that opened after the recent sports debacle and the detonation of the judicial bomb, in the form of the Prosecutor’s complaint about a possible crime of collecting assets against Hércules and his Foundation. holiday bonfires It focuses on the paralysis of a sports club that did not know (or failed) to create a structure that would allow a hundred-year-old sports club to advance autonomously outside of social and legal explosions.

These heavy walking hoops now surprise the blue and white team in full transition in the direction of sport. Caramel of the Well Left the office to enjoy the vacation before his contract expires on June 30 and take over the chosen one, Paco Penahe stays in a respectful background as he waits for his predecessor to receive his severance pay and be given a power of attorney (and a contract on his behalf) to begin work on the construction of the new campus.

The former blue and white captain parted ways with Intercity last Wednesday. He was sure that the time was right in every way, but he found gray evidence that life in the blue and white world was flowing much more slowly than anywhere else, with the historical urgency increasing exponentially with each failed project.

Thirty-one days after the bump in Rico Pérez who took the team Sergio Mora In front of Unión Adarve in Madrid, SAD Real estate In the Ortiz family, there is no architect (or architects) of the new team or leader of the dressing room that the team needs to articulate around. Unless otherwise intended, the players selected are based on the coach’s taste in football.

The delay in decision making is making the pre-season start that many teams set for 4th of July difficult.

Only two tiles of Hercules are occupied. Sandro Toscano and Cesar Moreno. So you have to do 20 signatures, 15 professionals and 5 under 23 years old. The owners ordered Carmelo del Pozo to convey the club’s desire to continue for another year to 6 players. The Segovian coach fulfilled the task, but nothing else has happened since. None of the renewal attempts have included a definitive offer, a specific offer that helps. Raúl Ruiz, Álex Martínez, Federico Bikoro, Nico Espinosa, Borja Díaz and Adrián López knowing exactly what to expect.


They have passed since the playoff elimination

►Unión Adarve from Madrid’s El Pilar district deprived Hércules of the final, which will be held at Rico Pérez on 21 May.

Time is short. Last year, del Pozo found himself in a similar situation, but in his case, being the author of the previous project helped him make quicker decisions, and although he blamed the delay (Falcón went to Sanluqueño because he was tired of waiting, for example) before the pre-season kicked off the team’s big was able to put some of it together.

Peña will understand what she has to do. start from scratchso there are only two conventions in force and you will need a small space to maneuver if you don’t want to be crushed in traffic.

Most Major League clubs in the first Winter World Cup year in football history will start the new course in the first week of July. In the second RFEF this is not so urgent. League It starts on the first weekend of Septemberbut the new sporting director will definitely want his team to work. 6 weeks before they officially debut.