Paula Arcos had one of the greatest joys of her life last summer when national coach Carlos Viver included her in the final list to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. But since then, the 20-year-old actress, a native of Petrer, has not stopped growing and achieving successes, completing a dream season.

He was one of the revelations of the Spanish team at the World Cup held in Spain last December, and was recently named MVP (Best Player) of Liga Guerreras Iberdrola in a selection by coaches. your people. Arcos was forced on the Costa del Sol Malaga goalkeeper Merche Castellanos.

Alicante player Mecalia Atlético Guardés closed his stage in de Galicia and signed the current League champion Super Amara Bera Bera.

National coach José Ignacio Prades took a break from himself after a busy year and did not include him in the squad for the Mediterranean Games, which will start next Saturday in Oran (Algeria).

Paula Arcos is regaining strength in her hometown of Petrer, trying to break away from handball and enjoying the summer with her family and friends. At the end of July, he will travel to San Sebastian to be under the command of his new team, Bera Bera.

The Petreri actor assures that he has had “a very good accumulation of emotions and feelings” since last summer. It’s been a great season.”

Arcos confirms that it “did not expect” to be selected as Liga Guerreras Iberdrola’s MVP: “It was a pleasure. I had a good season but I wasn’t expecting it. Finally, I had to race against a great player and a great teammate like Merche Castellanos, who had a great season».

The “Spanish warriors” side points out that all the good things and all the successes he achieved when he was very young is more of a “motivation” than a responsibility. “After all, it’s more of a motivation. We work for ourselves and to give our best. And everything good that happened to me is a plus for me to continue to improve.

Since the Petrer player is so young, he feels “privileged” to be among the elite of Spanish and international handball. “It is also the fruit of many years of work. But I feel privileged. If you work, anything can happen, it doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 27. You have to put in a lot of effort for 20 years and 30 years».

Arcos is clear about its goals for the next season, as it will start with a new team that is willing to do everything; In November, he has an important appointment with the Spanish team at the European Championship, which will be held in Slovenia, North Macedonia and Montenegro. “First of all, it is necessary to adapt well to the team, teammates and technical committee. From there, feel comfortable both physically and mentally to continue with the same intensity that I have tried to bring in Atlético Guardés in recent years and then hopefully I can be at the European Championships. For this, I have to do everything well in my team. The young preteri player wants to relax from handball and enjoy his home and land. “I’m with my family, I’ve already had some getaways with friends and what I want is to recharge my batteries and continue to evolve this season to face a new season full of so many exciting and new challenges and I hope to continue to evolve for the best”.