this real madrid basketball celebrated this monday League number 36 With a double corporate reception at the headquarters of the Community of Madrid and the city hall of the capital, where the club president is located, Florentine PerezValued the talent of his team “overcoming difficulties” to earn a “special title”.

The Real Madrid delegation left Ciudad Deportiva de Valdebebas at 17:40 and arrived at Puerta del Sol twenty-five minutes later to make their first stop in the afternoon at the Community of Madrid’s headquarters. regional president, Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez was also responsible for leading the Whites delegation, emphasizing in his speech that the victory in this Endesa League is “a special feeling for all the setbacks the team has gone through”.

“This is not just another League. This League symbolizes what this team is, the struggle against difficulties, perseverance and an unstoppable hunger for titles.. This team had to gain strength from where it never was. “When all the difficulties were piled together, this group believed in the way to face them because this shield represents the dream of millions of people and shows the character of determination and belief in never giving up.”

Ayuso delivered memorial plaque Florentino Pérez presented him with a copy of the trophy he had won, while captain Sergio Llull presented a jersey with his number and name on it.

like heroes

“The team had a bad run and knew how to recover. You got into Puerta del Sol as heroes but that’s the DNA of Real Madrid, of resurfacing to win. Champions are based on effort, let the kids know. This team is synonymous with effort, overcoming and victory”, said Ayuso.

After visiting the Community of Madrid, the delegation set off down Calle Alcalá to the town hall in Plaza de Cibeles, where the mayor was waiting for them. Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida and vice mayor Begona Villacis.

The first thing the mayor did was hand a tribute plaque to Florentino Pérez, who later took the microphone to celebrate another title. “More than joining those of football in an exceptional year”.

“We are proud to be here because Madrid is the starting point and origin of everything. We are now working for Liga 37 and that’s why I ask the team to just continue to build on this legacy, this emblem and this jersey that never agrees.” give up,” he declared.

The next speech was by José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who highlighted how Real Madrid faced difficulties and won this title.

“What happened in these months? This is not only an outstanding sporting achievement, it also sets an example on a human level.. It is very difficult for a team to experience so many misfortunes and misfortunes and everything becomes very difficult. “But it’s not because you’re responding on a sporting level, but because you set an example for the city of Madrid as more people.”

Florentino Pérez and team captain Sergio Llull gifted Almeida, who confessed to being a supporter of Atlético de Madrid, a copy of the trophy, as well as a personalized shirt with his own name, but chose to pose with it, unlike the mayor Ayuso. without wearing it