Alvaro Miralles Cebrianmiddle school third year student Holy Family training center Signed from Elda to the football club Atlético Madrid and next year he will move to the capital of Spain, where he will reside to unite. education with studies.

Álvaro Miralles Cebrián at Atletico de Madrid gym. INFORMATION

His classmates and teachers bid him a happy farewell this Monday with the words: love, good wishes and strength before the new challenge he faces. And so you don’t forget what they gave you a school shirt with all his signatures.

Sagrada Familia student in Elda signing the contract after being signed by the bed club. INFORMATION

“Congratulations Álvaro! Keep fighting to make your dreams come true. Your school will always support and encourage you”They mentioned it from the direction of the Elda Sagrada Familia.