Former football player of Futbol Club Barcelona Samuel Eto’o and his former representative, José María Mesalles, this Monday accepted sentences of 22 months and a year in turn, after admitting to being scammed 3.872.621 Euros Between 2006-2009, he worked as the Undersecretariat of Treasury.

Eto’o admitted to tax evasion in his testimony before the Barcelona Criminal Court No. 11, but accused Mesalles without quoting him directly.which he always describes as a “second father”.

The former Cameroonian football player even sued his former representative on charges of fraud and embezzlement in the management of his assets, the matter was still under investigation. “I accept the facts and I will pay, but let it be known that I was a child back then and I always did what my father asked me to do.‘ said Samuel Eto’o.

Mesalles, on the other hand, chose not to testify before admitting the facts in a suitability trial in which the third defendant, Jesús Lastre, the manager of one of the instrumental companies used in the fraud, was acquitted.

In his indictment, Prosecution seeks 4 years and 6 months in prison for Eto’o and Mesalles In the end, there are 22 months left for the former actor, the author of four crimes against the Public Treasury, and a year for his former agent as a necessary collaborator.

Same way, The former African striker was fined four fines, one for each offense, and fined 1,810,310 euros.and its former representative to another four for a total of 905,155 euros.

Prison sentences suspended

Sentences whose execution will be postponed because neither of them has a criminal recordIt was mitigated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office by both acknowledging the facts and partially resolving the damage by returning some of the defrauded fees.

Facts on trial in Justice City today Produced between 2006 and 2009Samuel Eto’o’s revenue from the transfer of image rights to sports brand Puma and Fútbol Club Barcelona and should be taxed as capital gains on personal income tax returns, but the football player did not disclose.

Eto’o claimed that these rights were transferred to two companies based in Hungary and Spain.Thus, income transferred to the Hungarian company managed by Latre was not taxed to the Treasury, while income transferred to the Spanish company managed by Mesalles did so at a rate much lower than the rate corresponding to personal income tax.