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“Live happily ever after.” The loudest novels of the year in Russian figure skating


Evgenia Tarasova and Fedor Klimov

Evgenia Tarasova, who, together with Vladimir Morozov, won the silver medals of the Beijing Olympics, did not advertise her personal life. It was reported by Alesya Ember that the figure skater is preparing for the wedding with another medalist of the Games Fedor Klimov, who won silver with Ksenia Stolbova in the individual tournament of the 2014 Olympic Games and became the Olympic champion in the team tournament. , the wife of former skater Alexander Enbert.

A few days ago, he said that Tarasova and Klimov were going to get married and did not have to wait long for the ceremony – already on June 17, wedding pictures appeared on the couple’s social networks.

The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) congratulated the figure skaters on their marriage.

“Congratulations on the Wedding Day to the winners of the Olympic medals in figure skating of Evgenia Tarasova and Fedor Klimov! May he live happily ever after!” – the press service of the ROC wrote, adding a photo with the newly made husband and wife.

At the Olympic Games, Tarasova together with Morozov won the silver of the individual tournament. The couple achieved what did not work out in Pyeongchang four years ago – then the skaters took second place after a short skating, but a series of major mistakes in the free program did not allow them to enter the top three. . Interestingly, after the Games in 2018, the skaters talked about the fact that they are no longer together – like lovers. But at the same time, sports duets continue to exist.

We still have good relations with Volodya. She can tell me without hesitation as I can tell her. We stopped living together, ”said Tarasova.

The couple has been together since 2014, and in numerous interviews both Tarasova and Morozov said that they sympathized with each other from the first meetings on the track with trainer Nina Moser. Unofficially, the reason for their separation was called the failure at the 2018 Olympics, which Tarasova indirectly confirmed, talking about a quarrel with a loved one after the Games.

“After the Olympic Games, I heard from someone I love that I couldn’t win. It sank into the soul, stuck in the head. It was difficult for me to get rid of it. It was said in a moment of stress and swearing. But no matter what, I went out on the ice and skated. I am a vulnerable person and get offended easily. Especially people I trust. Sometimes we had scandals with Volodya, but still we went out and worked because we knew where we were going. And what they say about me and write people I do not know, I do not care, ”the skater admitted.

Less was known about Klimov’s personal life. The skater did not advertise her novels, but for a long time she was in a close relationship with her partner Stolbova. The couple skated together until the 2017/18 season, then the skaters decided to stop working together and Klimov ended his career by starting training. In 2019, he joined the International Skating Union (ISU) single and double skating technical committee as the athlete representative.

Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov

For a long time there have been rumors about the romance of the best dance duet in Russia, and the skaters did not particularly hide their tender feelings for themselves – they posted joint photos, spent all their free time together. At the beginning of summer, posts appeared on the social networks of Katsalapov and Sinitsina, where the skaters shared the good news with their fans – they were preparing for the wedding. The skater made an offer to his partner during a joint vacation.

“She said yes! I’ve dreamed of this for a long time. I prepared the ring in advance, carried it with me for a long time and waited for that moment.

I wanted everything to be as natural and somewhat unexpected as possible when we both felt 100% happy and relaxed. It got even better. just perfect.

And I am extremely happy! We are extremely happy, ”Wrote Katsalapov on his Telegram channel.

Later, the athlete shared a funny story about choosing a ring for Sinitsina. Katsalapov admitted that he did not know the size or how to determine it, so there was some confusion.

“When I decided to propose to Vika, of course, I immediately thought of the ring. But I didn’t know the size of the finger and had no idea how to find it.

I talked to our mutual friend. As a result, he invented a kind of photo shoot, telling Vika that he was looking for accessories and she needed the size of her finger. Overall, the plan was a success. Vika did not even suspect anything. True, it later turned out that she never wore a ring on her ring finger, so she said that the size is medium. But nothing, we will fix everything, ”the skater shared his story.

The couple has been performing together since the 2014/15 season. Together they collected gold medals in almost all major international tournaments, the duet is not only awarded the highest prize in the individual tournament of the Olympic Games. Sintsyna and Katsalapov – Olympic champions in team competition (2022), Olympic silver medalists in ice dancing (2022), world champions (2021), two-time European champions (2020, 2022), World Championship silver medalists (2019), silver medalists Grand Prix finals (2018), bronze medalists of the World Tag Team Championship (2019), winners of the World Tag Team Championship (2021), two-time champion of Russia (2019, 2020).

Alexandra Trusova and Mark Kondratyuk

Alexandra Trusova and Mark Kondratyuk are the stars of the Russian national team in singles. He shone this season, confirming the third quota in men’s singles at the Olympics, winning the Russian and European championships, and also helping the national team win gold in the team tournament at the Beijing Games. She doesn’t have adult-level gold medals, but she has multiple records—in Beijing, Trusova became the first person in women’s skating history to complete five quads in a free program. True, this was not enough for her to win, and she lost the leadership to another Russian woman – Anna Shcherbakova.

Rumors about the romance of Trusova and Kondratyuk circulated throughout most of the spring, and in early May, the athletes confirmed everything by posting joint photos from their vacation in Dubai and accompanying them with heart expressions.

Since then, joint pictures began to appear often on their social networks. The couple spends a lot of time together, the athletes support each other in various endeavors – for example, Kondratyuk was with Trusova at the Athletics Week in Moscow, where the skater tried herself in the long jump.

I decided that I could do something other than figure skating, I got a little new life, I started experimenting, I started communicating with a lot of people, including Mark. We all walked together at the Olympics, it was very interesting, we just talked and it happened, ”Trusova said about the beginning of the relationship with her beloved Match TV.

Apollinaria Panfilova and Dmitry Rylov

A few days after it became known that Trusova and Kondartyuk are dating, Apollinaria Panfilova’s social networks posted personal photos with her partner Dmitry Rylov – the couple was on vacation, and one of the pictures showed a kiss. In the comments, the skaters were congratulated, talking about the creation of a “new pair” and that the skaters were very impressed with the history of the single skaters. However, later Panfilova quite sharply stopped such conversations.

“I leave all questions about the “new couple”. We’ve been together longer than the first year (no one passed the bat), ”the figure skater wrote.

Interestingly, at the beginning of joint work, it was quite problematic for skaters to cooperate with each other due to different characters and temperaments. Rylov spoke about this in an interview.

“We don’t have similar personalities. Appolinaria is two different people on the ice and in life. She’s tougher on the ice. When I arrived and we were a couple, Polina took command and I was not used to such an attitude of girls. She kept saying: We do this, we do this, you don’t understand anything “And I was shocked. We fought for this for a year and a half. Polina is more like ice. And I’m more emotional. We are completely different, but probably this unites us,” he said.

Several serious injuries affected their careers, with Rylov cyst removed and injured at the end of the 2020/21 season. Skaters had to miss the Olympic season to focus on rehab so as not to force them to recover from injuries.

The off-season in figure skating will be remembered not only for the breakups and noisy, scandalous interviews of couples – both dance and sports – but also with much more positive moments. On June 17, Evgenia Tarasova and Fedor Klimov, whose romance is not known to the public, played a wedding, ice dance Nikita Katsalapov proposed to his partner Victoria Sinitsina, and the stars of the Russian national team talked about their romance Alexander Trusova and Mark Kondratyuk in singles.

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