Spanish Fernando Alonso (Alpine) finished the Canadian Grand Prix in seventh place this Sunday, ninth of the World Cup Formula 1stated at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal “They could have fought for the podium” and this “luck” did not “accompany” them.

“It was a pretty good race in terms of speed, we could have fought for the podium seeing that he was a seven-time British world champion. Lewis Hamilton [Mercedes in third]is on the podium because we were ahead of him in a more or less controlled manner.”; This Sunday, he declared the double Asturian world champion with one of 32 F1 victories at this circuit: in 2006, the year he reaffirmed his title with Renault.

“From lap 20 we had an engine problem with the power system.“This is what cut KERS in the middle of the straights, we lost roughly eight decimals or one second per lap,” Alonso told Dazn television station in Montreal this Sunday.

“And to be on the DRS train with his French teammate Esteban Ocon or Monegasque Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), the reality is he had to go full throttle in the corners; We miraculously secured seventh place with Finn Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo).; But hey, having this credibility issue only today, the truth is it hurts so much”, the Oviedo driver, who was investigated and had to go before the stewards for the aforementioned action with Bottas, commented to maintain his position at the end of the race.

“We didn’t have a chance with the virtual safety car either, when the ‘virtual safety car’ came out, it crossed the finish line and when it was about to pit, the ‘virtual safety car’ stopped; It was two minutes before I was in the ‘pit lane'”, The great Asturian driver made the comment after finishing seventh in the race where he started second after showing himself in the rainy qualifying on Saturday.

“Luck was not on my side as usual today,” Alonso said. this Sunday in Monteral. “And the engine problem, again the truth in my car, it hurts,” he said.

Verstappen: In the end I gave absolutely everything; and Carlos (Sainz) too

Dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull) cemented its lead in the Formula One World Championship by winning the Canadian Grand Prix this Sunday. Carlos Sainz had to endure the enormous pressure that was put on him, especially in the final laps. (Ferrari) explained that racing at the Gilles Villeneuve circuit in Montreal “finally gave him absolutely everything”; and that the Spaniards “also” did.

“The safety car did not help me, they are very fast in the race”Referring to Sainz, 24-year-old Verstappen said he had achieved his sixth victory of the year, twenty-sixth in Formula 1 this Sunday; and currently leading the World Cup with 175 points, 46 points more than his partner, Mexican Sergio Pérez, who had to leave Canada this Sunday.

“It was very exciting, especially the last I gave absolutely everything; Like Carlos (Sainz)“Mad Max, the reigning world champion and taking an important step towards defending his title by winning this Sunday in Montreal,” admitted.

“The last few laps have been so much fun,” said the new Dutch sports idol. “The Red Bulls are very fast on the straights., especially; and that helps,” added the World Cup leader.

“They were very fast in the race and it would have been very difficult to close the gap: Then the safety car came out and I would rather attack than defend, but in the end everything worked out.”Verstappen announced this Sunday in Montreal.