Market time is synonymous with calm. Christian Bragnik. While the atmosphere beats faster every time a notification arrives on Elche’s official social networks, in search of the long-awaited expression of the little eyes that lead to the signature, the owner of SAD does not hide what it did. It’s like taking a wrong step.

This week will mark a month since Elche finished the League with a festive victory on 22 May at Martínez Valero against Getafe that put the field in a perfect finishing touch. There hasn’t been much action at Martínez Valero since then. The campaign ended with the “Tour Bragarnik 2022”, which the media reported, during which the Argentine once again gave hints that a slow market awaits.

Of course, the first point of the roadmap tried to shut it down right away: Continuity of Francisco as coach of the franchise team. The rest will follow from there. The extension of the coach’s relationship was followed by that of the two players already wearing green stripes this season. On the one hand, the option to buy striker Ezequiel Ponce, which was bought from Spartak Moscow, was exercised, on the other, the replenishment of defender Diego González was sealed and strengthened confidence in a football player without a brilliant league final. . , but the best part of the course coincided with that of the team.

To these three expansions must be added the return of left-back Salinas after his excellent season at Salamanca. It remains to be seen whether the youth team fulfills its dream of wearing the tasseled green jacket in 2022/23 or takes the first step in its evolution by loaning it to the second Division club. No shortage of suitors, Mirandés making the loudest noise. Werner, Josema, Jony Álamo, Manu Justo and Mourad also returned on loan.

Regarding the losses, Elche cashed in by transfer. Ivan MarconeThe performance of the Elche foundation in two years as a member left much to be desired. The nearly 2 million euros Bragarnik will receive from Independiente de Avellaneda is seen as the best service the midfielder has received in the last 24 months.

Marcone signs his new contract with Independiente. IAC

Piatti, who signed with Estudiantes, Barragán and Carrillo, will also terminate their contracts on 30 June. The winger said goodbye to the club on his social networks, something the Argentine striker has not yet done. Borrowers of Kiko Casilla, Olaza and Kike Pérez will also not extend their relationship with Elche, at least for the time being, as Valladolid’s last two put options have not yet been exercised. Pre-return-to-work movements are expected on July 4.

17 players with a valid contract

If Francisco had to start his practice season tomorrow, he would have 17 first-team players under his command: goalkeepers Badia and Werner; defenders Roco, Verdu, Bigas, Josema, Palacios and Mojica; media outlets Guti, Gumbau, Fidel, Josan and Morente; and forwards Boyé, Milla, Ponce and Justo.

To them should be added Salinas, John, Jony and Mourad; academy players at the gates of the first team. The latter and Manu Justo do not count. Bragarnik has two weeks to determine the starting line-up in the pre-season.

Omar Mascarell and Pere Milla, two hotspots

There’s no summer in football without soap operas. At Elche, they’re paying particular attention to two of them, both of which they starred in last year’s pillars: Omer Mascarell and Pere Milla.

The Canary midfielder’s renewal process has been slower than Martínez Valero expected in the offices. In the organization, they realize that the football player is interested in continuing in the city of palm trees, but other offers come to him, with which it will not be easy to compete economically.

His good performance and adjustment to the team after a bad stage in Germany are taken into account to be optimistic about a possible replacement.

Regarding the Pere Milla case, Elche is not moving from his first position, the striker’s renewal after his permanence. Franjiverdes managers think that the ordeal that the player started with his statement did not turn out as expected, and they claim that they are waiting for him on July 4, the day he returns to training. Probably won’t be news until then.

Finally, the club is also keeping open the possible renewal of Pastore, with full understanding if both parties are committed to maintaining their relationship. The next step will be to sit down and reconcile euros and roles.