Basketball Girona or The students will accompany Granada to the ACB League next season, after both teams are comfortably behind to Lleida (68-77) and Palencia (89-62) on last four Photograph of LEB Oro being discussed at the Fontajau pavilion. Pushed by the fans who filled the stands in the Catalan derby and based on Lleida’s three-pointers, Girona showed maturity to leap forward despite the youth of the club founded by Marc Gasol in 2014. five years ago the senior team debuted in the EBA League.

After the semi-finals are overcome, Girona’s problem lies in whether the club’s centre, president and founder will be able to qualify for the final after limping into the locker room after a bad fall while battling with Rosa for a rebound. foul was committed. Gasol disappeared and the people of Girona started shaking their legs. From keeping the game under control to suffering to win. Coach Jordi Sargatal gave a few hints about the player’s physical condition. “We’ll see what he can do and what he can’t do tomorrow,” he said at the end of the match.

mark the differences

Before retiring and after ending his successful NBA career, he promised to play for Girona again. he kept his word. Now Marc Gasol is about to culminate his love story with the city that exploded as an actor 14 years ago and return him to the ACB, where he has disappeared since the project was founded in that disastrous 2008. Akasvayu.

Gasol once again made the difference by scoring, rebounding and intimidating against Lleida until he was injured and also the rest of the orchestra executed his game plan perfectly. starting from a brutal success in the trio (on the 10/19 break) and especially with their excellent defensive performance in the first quarter (Lleida had 4 points in 3.40 to finish, 4-19), Girona swept from the start: they were numerically accredited with a 22-point lead (31-53) in the first half, but at the same time both teams’ the feelings conveyed. But not everything has been definitively said yet.

All went well for Girona six minutes after the end of the third quarter, after Gasol launched a personal attack on Rosa, he fell into a bad position and limped into the locker room. Fontajau was frightened and reinforced the shouts of encouragement. Girona won by 20 (36-56) and his ordeal didn’t stop in the opposite match. leidabut against Estudiantes in the final.

Pau goes down to the locker room

it didn’t look good don’t hurt Even when Pau Gasol left the box to go to the dressing room to see his brother. Meanwhile, on the pitch, Lleida took advantage of moments of confusion in the team from Girona to score 14 points (44-58). Gasol returned to the bench at the end of the third set (48-61) and SegriĆ ’s team returned with a 17-8 run that kept the game alive.

Lleida scored 11 (50-61) with a basketball at the start of the last 10 minutes. Lleida’s nearly a thousand fans saw as many flashbacks as possible, but Girona managed to stay calm despite the obvious scenario change from the duel. Five minutes after the end, he kept the distance by 12 points (55-67), despite being a nerve ball. font He then adopted the role of the sixth player and strengthened his players’ protection to close the duel and the final ticket (68-77), but his criterion feared the plight of Marc Gasol.