Boxer Tyson details the fight on the plane: I’m confused and angry

Legendary American boxer Mike Tyson interpreted the episode as beating a passenger who was supposed to be flying on the same plane as him.

“I was wrong, this should never have happened, I acted like a spoiled child. I shouldn’t have done this, but I was angry, tired, drunk and angry. Damn. I don’t want to hurt anyone,” Tyson said. Sun.

The incident occurred on the plane when Tyson was supposed to fly from San Francisco International Airport to Florida.

Tyson initially tried to take a neutral position. Then the man sitting behind the former boxer tried to have a dialogue with him. He tried every possible way to get Tyson and gave himself an explanation for it. When the boxer’s words had no effect on the man, Tyson decided to slap him in the face several times. After that, he left the plane.

The victim received medical attention. He has already contacted the police. The attacker was said to be under the influence of alcohol.

Former Spartak player Luke Zoa He told how he was beaten in Moscow.

Source: Gazeta


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