Political responses follow one another in an orderly fashion, and all try to contribute to satisfying the desires of some of the supporters who more or less tactfully and boldly ask. Enrique Ortiz Stop holding the reins of Hercules de Alicante after managing as the owner of the club for 22 years. Unides Podem’s spokespersons were the last to join this refusal against the businessman’s management. Xavier Lopezand commitments, Nacho Bellido. Both submitted a proposal for a corporate declaration yesterday for the municipal council to discuss and vote on a joint text in which the property is called to “pay off debts and sell the club earlier.” sports and corporate drift presence”.

The two left-wing groups do not trust that this project is submitted with the signature of the USA. Socialist PartyAdding five more 9 councilors from the two formations who have so far supported the municipal initiative and will be discussed and voted on 30 June.

PSOE spokesperson on the council, Paco SanguinoHe sent the document prepared by Unidos Podemos y Compromís to his local manager so that he could decide which position to adopt regarding this institutional declaration, which was taken into account by both parties. “intolerable” than Hercules hold a debt Ask Ortiz and the board to act “generously and responsibly to protect the interests of the club” and to be a member of their own. “the unanimous demand of the social mass”He reads a City Council-registered text encouraging the businessman to “sell the club to those who and his collaborators can pay off debts and return the position taken from the current ownership and management”.

Last week, the PSOE manager, requested publicly luis barcala Bringing businessmen from the city together to form a coalition that would allow the financial management of Hercules called for a proposal to which the mayor responded sharply. “demagogic” because the City Council has no authority over SAD as an institution.

The three left forces have allied themselves with the Ortiz-weary section of the social mass, but not enough to jointly sign an institutional declaration that will be discussed on the last day of this month.


Hercules CF is much more than a football club, it is one of the highlights of the city of Alicante, with a history of 100 years, playing 20 seasons in the First Division and beating in the hearts of all of us. While it is true that the club’s situation is not good, the recent complaint against the club’s retention in Spanish football’s fourth division (RFEF Second Division) and alleged concealment, especially from the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor. assets make the situation unsustainable institutional. Given this scenario, the divorce between blue and white fans and ownership of the club is final. However, the continuation of Hércules CF’s debts to public administrations with both the Treasury and the Generalitat Valenciana is absolutely intolerable, with any of the board of directors seeming to do nothing to reverse this situation.

The undersigned municipal groups, after listening to the constant protests of Herculaneum fans, and with this Corporate Statement, we would like to share our concerns about the club’s course and sympathize with the Herculaneum fans by sharing their feelings of disappointment and despair. , but also that of an entire city.

In this sense, and since the future of the club is now at stake and it does not seem possible to face minimum guarantees in the current circumstances, we would like to ask the current owner of Hércules, Mr. Enrique Ortiz. The CF establishment and directive, to act generously and responsibly to defend the interests of the blue and white club, and to join the unanimous demand of the Herculaneum social audience: to pay off debts and sell the club to others. they can take back the current ownership and position taken from them by the directive.

Because of the foregoing and because we want Hércules CF to regain its lost corporate credibility, ensure its economic sustainability and be on the corresponding sports field, we submit the following for your discussion and vote: DEALS:

FIRST. – Alicante City Council wishes to show its solidarity with the sentiments of Herculaneum fans, disenchanted and demoralized by the corporate and sporting drift that Mr. Ortiz has led to Hercules CF.

SECOND. – The Alicante City Council urges the current owners and directors of the establishment in general and the majority shareholder, Mr. Enrique Ortiz in particular, to act generously and responsibly to defend the interests of Hércules CF SAD and to support the Herculaneum supporters: pay the contractual debts with the different public institutions and keep the club existing. sells it to people who can restore the position taken away from ownership and management.

THIRD. – Transfer this agreement to the property of Hércules Club de Fútbol SAD