Alexia Putellasfirst Hispanic woman to win Golden Ballvisited for the first time this thursday’anthill. FC Barcelona football player, who will have his own documentary series on Prime Video, chatted with Pablo Motos about his professional career and clarified the bonus agreement for women’s and men’s football teams.

The presenter said, “You have reached an agreement with the football federation to equalize the percentages of the national team bonuses,” and stressed that this does not mean that they will receive the same. “Explain why It was misunderstood“He asked his guest.

Putellas confirmed that “these are not the same amounts distributed at FIFA and UEFA level”. “The percentage is the same, but the amount of money is less. Even in friendly matches”, the midfielder declared.

On the other hand, he wanted to underline the “facilities and tools” presented to him during the meeting. “These are the things that make you think: let’s do everything. And that’s what we’re going for”, admitted the Catalan.

Pablo Motos also set the record for the highest attendance in history in a women’s football match at Camp Nou. “The look of Camp Nou sums it all up,” admitted Putellas: “I started at Barça 10 years ago and we played in front of 300-400 people. Then Pandemic there was an explosion (…) We are very lucky to have this hobby. We filled the field twice and the experiences were brutal”.