Figure skater Trusova reiterates she deserves Olympic gold in 2022

Olympic silver medalist Alexandra Trusova said that only the gold of the tournament was important to her.

“Records are always important to me. But this medal, which I thought I deserved with my performance, was important to me. This is the medal. I don’t regret the other medals I didn’t get because of my skates. I tried in Beijing, I achieved my goal. And only this medal was important to me, ”says Trusova sports24.

Being in Eteri Tutberidze’s group, Trusova became the first female singles figure skater to announce five quadruple jumps in her program. Trusova managed to fulfill all the elements at the Olympic Games in Beijing, where she took second place, losing the leadership to compatriot Anna Shcherbakova. After the results were announced, the journalists started to talk about injustices and quitting the sport by filming the moments when the athlete got worse.

At the adult level, Trusova became the bronze medalist of the 2021 World Championships and won the bronze medals of the European Championships twice. The athlete takes second place in the ranking of the best skaters according to the International Skating Union (ISU).

Formerly Alexandra Trusova She declared her desire to become a mother.

Source: Gazeta


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