Department 11 of the Provincial Court of Alicante, based in Elche He condemned the former president Elche CF, Juan Francisco Anguix Garrido“One year’s imprisonment and special prohibition from exercising the right to vote for the duration of the sentence and additional personal liability of one day’s deprivation of liberty with a five-month fine of 12 euros per day.” unpaid installments of fines together with payment of expenses incurred, including the costs of private prosecution.” for attempted disloyal administration.

According to the decision available to this newspaper, the sentence given to the Valencian businessman is: Attempt to make a transfer of 363,000 Euros on behalf of Eventos Pexin SL on 29 July 2015After the transfer of the Brazilian striker Jonathas de Jesús to the Royal Society.

Valencia business owned by Basilio José LópezHe signed a contract with the Elche club a few years ago. Acquired 50% of the economic rights for possible transfers made by the Franjiverdes organization over the next eight years. This agreement was signed with the following persons: Anguix as agent and personal friend of the Valencian businessmanpeople with whom he has a business relationship; After the Pexin Incidents He will contribute 800,000 euros to Elche at a sensitive moment for the club.

Juan Anguix became president of the Franjiverde entity on April 28, 2015after his resignation Jose SepulcreAfter intense pressure even from the mayor at the time, Mercedes AlonsoHe decided to make room for the then-vice president. He had assured that Elche had money to pay off its debts to the Treasury.This threatened administrative relegation.

Juan Anguix enters the Elche Palace of Justice with his lawyer ANTONIO AMOROS

After relegation was complete, Anguix would resign to public acclaim. The club, which has entered the bankruptcy process, should remain in other hands, and with the contributions of businessmen and fans, there should be no second relegation to the Second B..

While the transfer of power was taking place, the Valencian businessman who was still president before leaving the club, On July 28, 2015, the organization’s financial director, José Francisco Fernández, gave the order to Villagordo.Forced to continue payment of an invoice sent by Eventos Petxina SL 363,000 euros via bank transfer.

Payment transfer order via fax The office of Caja Murcia will be executed on July 29 In 2015, the branch manager informed Elche’s financial director that he needed to make sure that Juan Anguix continued to hold the post of club president because he had heard rumors that he would resign and that he would check that he was therefore given the authority to resign in order to order the payment. Caja Murcia’s manager also stated that since it is such a large sum, a physical presence in the president’s office is still necessary.. Meanwhile, according to the verdict and eyewitness accounts, Juan Anguix continued to persistently call the club’s financial director to make a transfer on the morning of July 29, 2015, and in the end, it just wasn’t carried out. Valencian businessman resigned from his position on the same day.

In the decision of the State Court, “Juan Francisco Anguix Garrido neglected the most fundamental duties towards the institution he presided over and absolutely underestimating the economic and social damage their actions would cause“, signed the transfer order when the club had only 600,000 euros in revenue for the transfer of Jonathas de Jesús, and continued, inter alia: Player debt that must be paid before 31 July 2015 if the player wants to avoid relegation, player debt exceeding two million euros”.

Therefore, it is thought to exist. “Attempted unfair administration” because what Anguix did was help Basilio López and Eventos Pexina benefit, and Elche suffered as a result.

Valencian businessman comes to Elche Palace of Justice accompanied by his lawyer ANTONIO AMOROS

In principle, Juan Anguix will not go to prison with this sentence, but we should not forget that the Valencian businessman was also sentenced to prison.listening to the hearing of the famous five million euro “trucho bill”defined this way by the president La Liga, Javier TebasThis was not accepted and ended in Elche’s administrative relegation to the Second Division in July 2015. Spanish legislation, penalty more than two years.

The former president of Elche club could also go to prison if found guilty in the ongoing “trucho deed” case.