During his official presentation this Thursday, Hércules winger Richmon Dapaah accepted the offer of the Alicante team in the winter market because “An opportunity I can’t miss“To take a step forward in your sports career.

Spanish-Ghanaian player arriving for free incoming cerdanyolaHe assured that Rubén Torrecilla can contribute to the game system “one on one, with work, with carries, with assists and goals”.

The striker admitted that his first tour experience playing against Rico Pérez encouraged him to accept Hercules’ offer “because it was A much superior team than“.

Richmon Dapaah exercises under the command of Rubén Torrecilla HCF

The young football player stated that he accepted his previous team’s decision to leave the squad well and said, “Because they know that Hércules is a great club and It’s a good place for me“. “You always want to be as high as possible,” the late signing added.

The player, who grew up at the Girona youth academy, said: “When you come to this institution, something completely different happens and this is what you are looking for. I still have under 23 years of age and Promotion is what a young boy seeksPlay in the highest category I can play.

Saying that he came ready to take advantage of all the minutes the coach gave him, Dapaah said that the big difference he found against Cerdanyola was this: training intensity.

The winger admitted that he wants to make his first official appearance at the Rico Pérez stadium and praised the quality of various components of the squad: balls anyone Samu Vazquez.

Loss of leadership doesn’t change his mind

Dapaah maintained that the recent defeat against Espanyol B and losing the lead did not change his mind about Hércules’ potential. “Everyone’s level is very high. The team works hard, but Any opponent can beat you in this category. “I don’t see much difference between the day in Lleida and the last day,” said the winger.

Finally, the Spanish-Ghanaian, who had the opportunity to make his debut on the last day of the first round against Lleida, predicted that the fight for the title and direct promotion would be a tough fight. Hand in hand between Lleida and Herculesranked high in the points table: “For me, they are the strongest teams and the teams that will fight for the championship.”

The person responsible for the Hercules sports field, Paco PenaIn the actor’s presentation, he described Dapaah as follows: “great optionHe said he was happy to see him in the squad for the winter market. “He comes with enthusiasm and a desire to help. He wants to learn and grow with us, and that’s the most important thing,” concluded the former Herculano player.