Will the Alicante Half Marathon manage to consolidate itself as a reference event in the athletes’ calendar? This is the biggest goal of the organization every year. Although it is not easy, every print is made and the exam is getting bigger. For now, as he stated José Manuel AlbentosaThe race’s director already has 500 more runners registered than last year. The selected day is February 18, and both the 10-kilometer race and the 21-kilometer race will be held, round-trip, from the Ocean Race area of ​​the Port.

The presentation was huge Alicante Museum Waters Alicante City Council Sports, Economy and Finance Councilor also attended.ntonio Gallego Gozálvezat the same time Sergio Sánchez RíosGeneral manager of Aguas de Alicante José Andrés Sánchez BuenoASV Group People and Culture Director (Meridiano) and José Pedro García FernándezPresident of Club Atlético Montemar.

The test “promotes sports tourism by providing multiple overnight stays between athletes and their families and influences the solidarity aspect of the test. “This is a new example of sport as a conduit for social space and benefits those who need it most,” Gallego said.

José Andrés, representing Meridiano, made it clear that sport and business should always go hand in hand and showed his satisfaction in doing everything he can to ensure that the race continues to grow every year. “It is an honor to help a growing test. “We promote sports in our company and more and more workers are going out to run and race,” he said.

Until now, 60% of those registered are from outside the province and 30% are foreigners, representing more than 35 countries.. Regarding the solidarity aspect, the “Solidarity Number” initiative was launched, through which athletes can donate. These will go to the ADIEM Foundation and the Red Cross, which are responsible for improving the lives of people with mental health problems.

Departures of both tests (10 and 21 kilometers) will take place at 9.30 am from Alicante Port Pier 12. The competition will be preceded by the interpretation of the Alicante anthem and will be held on a track approved by the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation. This will allow all athletes to have their personal brands recognized. The proportion of women registering a month before the competition is 30 percent, which means it is above the national average of 25 percent for such exams. Registration for the test’s four overarching categories is free. In both male and female methods, these are: people who use wheelchairs and have sensory, physical and mental disabilities.

“Corridor Landing”

The fair, called “Corridor Fair” although the organization calls it “Desembarco del Corridor” in this case, will be located at Pier 12. About 8,000 people are expected to come over the weekend. This is the general schedule: Friday, 17.00-20.00; Saturday, 10:00-14:00 and 17:00-20:00.

More than 200 volunteers will be distributed along the 21-kilometer section of the route to meet the needs of the test. In order to promote animation, a Federation-approved competition was organized between the bonfire and barracks commissions to support participants in the most complex moments of the route.