After serving as the new president of EÓN Horneo Alicante for six months, Jaime Cremades evaluates this first round of the Silver Honor Group, which ends with the start of the second part of the tournament, which is key to the team’s goals. It is also expected that the team will return to Pitiu Rochel after a two-year break.

Question: The last match of the first round is approaching. How do you see the team?

Reply: First of all, I would like to send a very special greeting to all our fans and wish 2024 to be happy, healthy and willing to enjoy handball and EON. However, we can describe what we got in the first round as very good. We must not forget that we have a new team of young people who have matured as elite handball players and therefore we cannot ask for more. At the end of the first round, we are where we want to be. The second round will be something else.

Q: Did you expect the progress you’ve made in these months?

A: Honestly I must emphasize yes and yes and yes. Our claim was this: A leading coach and an unsuccessful team. The key ingredients to creating a good group of friends and excellent handball players. Players who are eager to learn, hungry for victories and to do great things.

Q: How do you evaluate the first half of the league?

A: Silver Honor Division is a very competitive league with a very high level of handball, which has nothing to make ASOBAL jealous of. There are 7-8 teams that want to advance to the All-Star League, which makes it very difficult to get the award. Teams like Burgos, Caserío de Ciudad Real, Guadalajara, Cisne and our next opponent, Málaga, are at a very high level and compete very well.

Question: How are you looking forward to the second part of the competition?

A: It’s really lively. For the team, this would be validation of their progress. We must continue to grow and our goal is to enter the top five, giving us the option of advancing to the play-offs and, why not, even being first in the championship. There are many championships left, many battles to be played and we need Alicante fans to support EON. Alicante deserves elite sport and this is our commitment.

Q: I think the most anticipated thing in 2024 is the return to Pitiu Rochel.

A: Let’s not forget that the renovations in Pitiu Rochel took longer than necessary. The work, which initially took six months, took almost two years. This situation led all our teams to seek resources to be able to place them on different tracks. We have suffered a lot, but we are finally seeing the light and everything indicates that the interior renovation work will be finished by the end of the month.

We spent these almost two years at Maristas School; We have nothing more to thank for their welcome and participation in the club. I hereby send my appreciation to the Marist Brothers institution.