Ignatiev: I bless Kononov in Torpedo but let him work 15:10

Former head coach of Moscow Torpedo Boris Ignatiev talked about the appointment of Oleg Kononov, the former mentor of Krasnodar and Spartak, to this post. In his statement to socialbites.ca, the expert supported the personnel decision, while noting a number of problems in the management of the club.

“I do not know what tasks the club has set. Everything there is amorphous. I do not see effective steps in terms of the tasks they have announced, and the breakthrough between the coaching staff and the governing bodies of the club confirms this.

To sum this up, Kononov probably deserves to work at this level. He proved to be a wealthy and independent person with creative tendencies. How things will go for him is another matter, because the group determined as the management group in Torpedo does not in any way coincide with the tasks facing football and this club. They hesitate and make some decisions. Last year, recently for some reason Gorlov was appointed, and now Kononov. Where is the confidence that Kononov will stay in a few months?

It’s not about Kononov, I support this candidacy – a confident coach, a good specialist. It didn’t go the way he wanted, but let’s hope. It all then comes down to the senior officials who recruit, form the club and are responsible for both selection and development – but without a firm understanding and real knowledge of how this is done. Therefore, congratulating Kononov on his good journey, I would like to say: give the coaches the freedom to work, and in the end – after a few days, minutes and seconds have passed, you will demand that they make a decision on changing the mentor, but after seeing his concept, understanding, direction. You can then decide whether to dismiss the coach. In general, you need to focus on choosing a specialist, spend a long time researching his abilities, understanding and desire to work. And after that invite you to the team – and not vice versa: first invite, then dissolve,” says Ignatiev.

Kononov became the third specialist in charge of Torpedo this season. First, Spaniard Josep Clotet was fired and replaced by Artem Gorlov, whose resignation the club announced the previous day. The agreement with Kononov is for two and a half years.

Torpedo plays in the First League, the second strongest league in Russia. After 20 weeks, the team ranks eighth with 27 points. The difference with the leader Dinamo Makhachkala is 10 points.

In January 2023, Kononov was fired from Arsenal Tula. He started working at the club in the summer of 2022. In April 2023, Kononov was appointed head coach of Ramensky Saturn, but left the team in August.

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Source: Gazeta


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