In an extraordinary survival exercise, Spain finally broke their jinx at the European Championship water ball They made a spectacular comeback against hosts Croatia to claim the first gold medal in their history with an epic 10-11 victory.

When Everything seemed lost 10-8 with four minutes left, the defense was near perfect and the draw with Bernat Sanahuja’s goal increased the desire and confidence of the team, so Álvaro Granados scored first the equalizing goal and then the winning goal. In the final action of the final, the defense did the rest.

Then, Historical night in water polo and in terms of Spanish sport, David Martín’s team won its first European gold medal as well as the valuable medal. Ticket to Paris OlympicsMiki Oca’s women’s team will also be here.

Between the amazing atmosphere in Zagreb with 2,000 people filling the facility and the nerves building because of how much is at stake, the truth is David Marín’s men were very suspicious A perfectly functioning defense in this competition in Croatia.

In his fight to win the one major title he never had, Spain took the lead for the first time with Alberto Munárriz’s goal (2-4), min. 4:03), but from there the Balkans imposed their law, led by the strength of Luka Bukic’s ejection.

The fact is that the 3-0 run allowed the home team to close the first quarter with a two-goal advantage (5-3) and even extend this lead even further. Bukic’s third goal at the beginning of the second quarter (6-3). From there the improvement in defensive intensity made it possible for Unai Aguirre to start appearing in goal.

Defensively, the Spanish team did a great job to recover with a partial score of 1-3 thanks to the goals they scored. Munárriz, Larumbe and Bustos will enter the break with a 7-6 lead.

The game has changed completely and in these situations it is very important to complete the comeback. Sanahuja sealed the draw (7-7) and the first attempt to turn the score over ended in an attacking foul and the second ended with a save from Marko Bijac.

Horse. While the goal scored from the horn by Loren Fatovic, the son of Barceloneta coach, brought the score to 10-8 at the end of the third quarter, Spain could not get comfortable in the attack and a block was created and a save was made. Bijac’s situation against Tahull is quite complicated. Two goals left until 4:00.

Granados appears

When things were at their worst, Spain pressed its defenses and exposed the weaknesses of the naturalized Russian Croat Kharkov. Sanahuja brought the ‘miracle’ close, but the tying shot went off the crossbar. Munárriz tried twice and could not beat Bijac. And there Álvaro Granados made it 10-10 with 1:37 left.

Granados took responsibility with a magnificent goal in the last minute and the score was 10-11, the defense did the rest. Very dense and stony, The Spaniards blocked the draw and celebrated the whole thing. Gold and Paris ticket.

Data sheet:

10 – Croatia: Bijac; Buric (-), Fatovic (1), Loncar (-), Biljaka (-), Bukic (4), Vukicevic (1), Zuvela (2, 1p), Marinic Kragic (2), Vrlic (-), Butic ( -), Kharkov (-) and Popadic (-).

11 – Spain: Aguirre (Edu Lorrio); Munárriz (2), Granados (3), Sanahuja (3), De Toro (-), Larumbe (1), Biel (-), Cabanas (-), Tahull (1), Perrone (-), Mallarach (-) and Busts (1).

Referees: Boris Margeta (ESL) and Georgios Stravidis (GRE). Eliminated: Cabanas.

Partial parts: 5-3, 2-3, 3-2, 0-3.

Events: The first semi-final of the European Championship in Croatia was held at the Pazari Mladost pool in Zagreb in front of around 2,000 spectators