Olympic medalist Panzhinsky explains why Klebo doesn’t want to compete with Bolshunov

Alexander Panzhinsky, silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Vancouver, commented on the words of Norwegian skier Johannes Klebo, who said he did not need Bolshunov to motivate him.

“It’s probably not because he doesn’t want to compete with Bolshunov, it’s just that this is not the most important thing for him. He can find motivation elsewhere. I am sure that not all Norwegians and skiers from all over the world are against Russians. The same Veronika Stepanova says that while she was in Austria for a few days, the athletes took a rather devoted attitude, ”says Panzhinsky “Pair TV”.

At the Beijing Olympics, the Russians won gold in the skiathlon, marathon and men’s relay, silver in the time trial and bronze in the team sprint.

This made him the first Russian skier to win five awards at an Olympics. In total, the Russians have 9 Olympic medals, taking into account the Games in Pyeongchang in 2018.

Klebo won gold medals in the individual and team sprint at the 2022 Olympics.

Earlier Elena Vyalbe statedThat events in the world show the real attitude towards Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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