David Aranda, President of Elche CF Fan Clubs Federation, we talked for two and a half hours this morning with the leaders of the franciverde club in the first contact after his election to the position. Aranda went to Martínez Valero’s office 70 offers for subscription campaign He said the club was “received with great interest”. In particular, Pedro Schinocca, the son-in-law of the largest shareholder Christian Bragarnik, who performs the management functions, “showed great interest in the concerns of the fans, asked us for time to examine them and called us to a second meeting next week”.

One of the acts that most interests SchinoccaAccompanied by the general manager Alejandro Martínez and the person in charge of relations between the club and the fan clubs, Javier Verdejo, was to run the subscription campaign throughout the province, with special emphasis on the Vinalopó regions. Low Vegas. This action includes visits to schoolchildren by members of the first team, as was done in the previous stage of Elche in Chapter One. “You have to understand that there are still strong restrictions due to the pandemic last year.. Schinocca has promised to reactivate this activity”, explained Aranda. The president of the fan clubs was also pleased with the knowledge Schinocca had about the club and the needs of the fans. “He is a very humble and caring person. He knows all the details of the club, very hardworking and the treatment was excellent,” said Aranda.

During the visit of the federation’s highest official, there was also time to finalize some details of the agreement with the club for the transfer of a meeting point. «Know better that Elche is planning to celebrate a great Centennial. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime and we have the club’s commitment that it will be a great commemoration and for the enjoyment of all, fans and families.