We were so excited that once again, and almost instinctively, we saw him win against boys almost twice his age, hold his own against his nemesis Djokovic, reach another Grand Slam final, bite the cup… As always. In the last twenty years, come on. We saw him vibrate at every point in Brisbane, suppress opponents, raise the public and smile. Being Nadal. Their workouts turned into real events. People filled the facilities to see Rafa. But it has to stop again. And we must admit that this injury touched us very much. We’ll have to see how it develops, but for now missed the Australian Open After months of pain and a lot of uncertainty, moments where I didn’t know if I would be able to compete professionally again. The new injury saddens Rafa and all of us. And the question is whether it’s time to assume we’ll never see him win a trophy again, or to be as stubborn as he is and trust that he’ll do it again.

The mental resilience of this athlete is admirable. Anyone would have left him long ago; That would say enough in the face of so many injuries, so much discomfort, so much physical misfortune. Nadal has already won everything there is to win in tennis and his life is more than taken care of financially, but he doesn’t care. Go and go. One recovery after another. Always positive, never negative. And seeing it this way, we have no choice; We must continue to have faith in the exemplary athlete who can achieve incredible comebacks. Of course, this is the most difficult, the most difficult, the most unlikely, but that does not make it impossible. We haven’t assumed he’s withdrawn yet. We want him to go through the big gate like Federer’s. That image of the two of them together, those tears of complicity, that closeness, that embrace. Rafa Nadal needs to make a farewell decision on the field instead of getting injured.

Bellingham is at the big table. This week we learned that the Englishman shares his market value with Mbappe and Haaland. Normal, sporty performance is brutal. But Jude He’s also number one in terms of humility, soon. Let the example spread.

Pellegrini, wake up. HE Betis It has fallen alarmingly in recent games. Elimination from the cup is a heavy blow and the coach needs to hit the table: there is a squad for much more and some need help on the bench.

The generation that excited Valencianism. Bet on the quarry when necessary. How well the dam is doing, how it is shaping the young people and how well they respond. The line is rising. Ultimately, 2024 will be a good year for this team.

Royal ZaragozaSo far and so close. MaƱo’s side sit twelfth in the Second League, but only five points separate them from the promotion play-off place. It is very difficult, but there is time. Fans need to push harder than ever for the team to return to its former place, in the First League.