coach Elche CF, Sebastian BeccaceceHe stated the following after the 32nd round match: Copa del Reylost against his team Girona, 0-2great satisfaction compete “one on one” against a very high level opponent The person he claims didn’t let him play his game. “We are facing a team that is an example of continuity,” the coach said. He believes he can miss the first goale are confident in their work, although they have to work to achieve results.

“We put on a good show.”defended Beccacece in the post-match press conference. Argentinian coach gave guarantee He sees a team “very convinced of what they want” Going against such a big team satisfies him completely. The first message he sent was to congratulate the group on their efforts in the competition.

Beccacece gives instructions during the meeting MATÍAS SEGARRA

According to the coach, the biggest burden punishing the Franjiverdes is their goal-scoring efficiency. because although they steal the ball at the top of the field and have very good possession of the ball in the opponent’s field, there is a lack of concreteness in the opponent’s field. “We lost the player who scored 7 goals in 10 matches, now we need to rediscover ourselves”, the coach said the following regarding this issue. He also resolved the issue by stating that the club had already requested the player profile it needed and that he had no doubts about it. “The club is working to resolve the demands”.

The Argentinian explained “Every transformation process has to go through these stages, but we always went forward.”. He thinks we’re not starting from scratch when it comes to revamping the team because there are very clear foundations as far as the group of people are concerned.

Beccacece instructs Mario Gaspar MATÍAS SEGARRA

When asked about the situation of the young players, he said that they are growing up and we need to accompany them. “You have to tolerate mistakes”. The Elche coach maintains that “we have built a collective consistency” that has made them stronger. “Our team is ready” Although they argue that injuries have punished them too harshly, especially at the forward position.