Real Madrid and Anadolu Efes played an unforgettable match The decision was made after four overtimesThis was something that had never been seen before in the Euroleague, and the magnificent performance of the Bosnian was decisive. Dzanan Musa (40 points, 8 assists and 2 rebounds)The one who enlightens his team in dark moments and eventually shows them the path to their happy destiny.

The home team faced this organization after losing in Europe’s biggest tournament and Barça in the first match of the new year. The aim was not to cause two defeats in a row for the first time this year, but to leave the defeat against its biggest rival as an anecdote.

The 8-0 run that followed Elijah Bryant’s first basket made it clear that the white team was showing its usual self-confidence. However, this blow did not knock down the opponent, who managed to maintain his tempo in the first half, where both teams were praised for their points from the three-point line. Twenty-eight long tries were accumulated in the first twenty minutes, fourteen per side. And only four of those converted, all in the final stages of each quarter before the break. Two of these were by Mario Hezonja, who crossed the 200 mark in the tournament.

In this context, it was time to break the paint. Real Madrid was more effective there (19/13), but what it gained by shooting, it lost by giving offensive rebounds to its opponent. For this reason, The match was tied while passing through the locker room (38-36, min.20).

Anadolu Efes found the trio, which seemed to be forgotten in the first half, at the box office. Mike Daum, Tibor Pleiss and Darius Thompson took turns scoring 9 of their team’s first 13 points from the perimeter after the half, and the 5-17 series set off alarm bells for Real Madrid (43-53, min.25).

This warning aroused Moses’ greed. Scoring eleven points in just over six minutes, the Bosnian player put both the team and the crowd on his back. Everyone was upset about the visiting team, who survived the heavy rain thanks to Shane Larkin’s three-pointer (64-61, min.30).

After overcoming this defeat, the guest team came out stronger. The player, who was patient and successful in his attacks, managed to go up five in less than three minutes. However, Musa did not agree to go empty-handed on one of his important nights and single-handedly tied the duel with 27 seconds left. Larkin took charge of Efes’ final attack and Fabien Causeur’s tough defense forced him to take a compelling shot that did not go into the goal and the result was as follows: first extension.

The home team started the overtime with an assist from Musa, a three-pointer from Campazzo, and a break oop from Walter Tavares. A good omen, boosted by Hezonja’s two free throws that put his team four ahead. The technical whistle given to Tavares was not enough to despair Larkin, who canceled the distance with a 2+1 and a free throw. This action ignited the stands.He became even angrier, if possible, considering that Musa’s three-point shot a short time later should have been called for a foul. Then each attack became worth gold, frankincense and myrrh at the same time. Despite this, two contestants squandered their punishment options.

This enabled Real Madrid to meet the decisive 18 seconds with a point in their favor and two free points from Campazzo. He missed the first and converted the second. In the other pot, Larkin added the double he needed to make the score 91-91 with 8 seconds left. Hezonja almost won, but his long-distance attempt went in vain and he was forced out. five more minutes.

Back on the field, three trebles from Larkin, Pleiss and Thompson put the outsiders within nine with just 2:18 left before the final whistle. Still, the Madridistas had faith in their chests. Tavares and Campazzo and Causeur’s three-point shot from the free throw line brought their team closer together. The draw was at Hezonja’s mercy. He did his job on the horn and made up for what happened recently.

Larkin began the third addition in frightening fashion with another triple, but this time the rest of his teammates did not follow. This led to tight margins and more excitement, if that seemed possible. Despite their fatigue, they both resisted and Efes took the lead thanks to Dan Oturu with 14 seconds left. Tavares responded to Larkin’s final move with a dunk, but made a mistake entering the basket.

The story wasn’t over as the Three Wise Men took their time to avoid crossing paths with those who had to return home from the pavilion after midnight. Campazzo and Tavares with free kicks and Hezonja from outside allowed the locals to take the initiative.

Anadolu Efes responded to everything A tremendous change parallel to what happened on an unforgettable night.. That was until Hezonja hit a 3-pointer with thirty-six seconds left to put his team ahead. It was the culmination of the dream, the final touch of an unrepeatable confrontation that was already the intangible legacy of the Euroleague.

Data sheet

130-Real Madrid (25+13+26+17+10+11+9+19): Campazzo (25), Causeur (5), Musa (40), Hezonja (31), Tavares (20) -starting team-, Yabusele (2) ), Sergio Rodríguez (2), Poirier (5), Ndiaye (-), Abalde (-) and Llull (-).

126-Anadolu Efes (18+18+25+20+10+11+9+11): Beaubois (10), Bryant (13), Thompson (21), Pleiss (14), Daum (15) – top five – Larkin (32) , Oturu (14) and Jones (7).

referees: Matej Boltauzer (Slovenia), Robert Vyklicky (Czech Republic) and Sergio Silva (Portugal). They held out Facundo Campazzo and Elijah Bryant for five.

Events: The 19th match day of the Euroleague was played at the WiZink Center in front of approximately 12,000 spectators. In the preview, the best player of the month award was given to Mario Hezonja.