heroic Rafael Nadal On the verge of returning to the semi-finals of a tournament After losing against Thompson in the Brisbane quarter-finals (7-5, 6-7, 3-6). The Manacorí tennis player lost his life on the coast during his return to competition, this time against an Australian opponent. best version To defeat the Balearic Islands.

After quiet victories over Thiem and Kubler, the tennis player from Manacor found himself faced with a tough nut to crack. Thompson. Australian rival Progressed from less to more in the match until victory against a Nadal who had a maximum of three match points to close out the match.

he started The empire with its serve to the tennis player Manacorí, He combines winning forehands with a beautiful parallel backhand. Thompson quickly adapted to the conditions of the game to start winning many points in network climbs.

The Australian tennis player made the first break of the match middle of the first arm, Although Nadal knows how to recover by taking a momentary break push for the rest of the set. The Spaniard broke his serve and broke Thompson again. We closed the first set, which was complicated at times (7-5).

With the start of the second set, both tennis players started playing games. Deliver your best tennis by scoring incredible scores To the people of Brisbane. Thompson took the set to a tiebreak He saved three match points to increase the victory of the Manacorí tennis player (6-7).

Physical ailments started Weigh yourself at the beginning of the third set. Nadal’s He had to seek medical attention to continue the match, although Thompson was an unbreakable steamroller from the back of the pitch and gave Manacorí no chance of returning to the match (3-6). Australian athlete’s victory, but hero Nadal passed the test when he returns to the slopes.

It seems too early to make definitive assessments. After returning to the field, only three matches were played. But for the Manacorí tennis player, there could not have been a better feeling. Returning to top-level competition was the only condition the Balearic imposed on himself. It’s hard not to look at the upcoming appointments with some optimism. on the calendar…

They will face Thompson in the semi-finals. Grigor Dimitrov He passed Australian Rinky Hijikata to enter the top four of the tournament. The match against the Bulgarian tennis player finished third after a 1-1 draw In history. Both tennis players will look to secure their place in the Brisbane final when they return to competition. Danish Rune, who is seeded in the tournament, could be his last opponent.