Famous South African athlete Oscar PistoriusHe has been in prison since 2014 Model Reeva Steenkamp, ​​who allegedly killed her girlfriend a year ago, will be released from prison this Friday after being released on parole.

“The general conditions of parole will apply to Pistorius. For example, he is expected to be at home at certain times of the day,” the South African Correctional Service (DCS) said in a statement published in local media this Thursday. said.

“He will not be able to consume alcohol or other substances. (…) Pistorius, like other people on parole, is prohibited from giving interviews to the media,” he added.

These restrictions will apply until the athlete’s sentence ends in 2029.He also emphasized that DCS’s “high public profile” does not distinguish him from other inmates or justify inconsistent treatment.

Pistorius He was released on parole on November 14.During a closed-door hearing at Atteridgeville prison in Pretoria.

This was the second time Pistorius sought parole; This request was rejected last March, although the convict claimed that both the time he spent in prison and the minimum period required to qualify for this measure had been unfairly increased and his “fundamental rights” had therefore been violated. .

Pistorius, 37, later took his case to court. South African Constitutional Court, Last October, it was decided that the athlete would be eligible for parole.

Before the trial began last November, the slain model’s mother, June Steenkamp, ​​said she was “not convinced” that Oscar had been rehabilitated, according to a letter read by his lawyers.

Even so, he stressed, if officials believe Pistorius has been “adequately rehabilitated,” it is his “desire for DCS parole policies and procedures to be consistently applied upon his release.”

Pistorius, who shot and killed Steenkamp, ​​is serving his sentenceThe then 29-year-old was at home in Pretoria on Valentine’s Day 2013, at the height of his fame and making a fortune from his sports career.

He shot the woman four times through the closed bathroom door and unsuccessfully tried to argue that he had panicked when he mistook the model for a burglar who had broken into the house through the bathroom window.

“I do not believe Oscar’s version. (…) I do not know anyone who does. My dear daughter screamed for her life so loudly that the neighbors could hear her,” he said in his letter last November. Steenkamp’s mother.

After a trial caught global media attention, Pistorius was first sentenced to five years in prison for manslaughter in October 2014, but the Prosecutor’s Office objected to the decision.

In 2015, South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal overturned that conviction and found Pistorius guilty of murder, sending the case back to a lower court; The court sentenced Pistorius to six years in prison for murder in July 2016.

However, upon the Prosecutor’s Office objecting again, the Supreme Court increased the sentence in November 2017 to fifteen years, which is the minimum number stipulated by law in murder cases, except for exceptional cases.

In practice, this sentence meant a prison sentence of thirteen years and five months, after deducting the time Pistorius spent in prison, for which he remained on bail and under house arrest.

He was born with a genetic condition that caused his parents to decide to amputate both of his legs below the knees when he was eleven months old. Pistorius became world famous by running in the race. London Olympics (2012) on two carbon prostheses.