Elche changes the year with the intention: Forget immediately about 2023, which leaves little positive in the Franjiverde keyAfter a relegation and questionable first round competition in League Two. In January, the famous ski slope will also come with a football version. The question is whether it will be upwards, prolonging the suffering of recent times, or downwards, which will initiate a reaction that will place the team in the expected area of ​​the table.


The first official match will be played on Three Kings Day, January 6, and will be a single match. girona, corresponding to the 32nd round of the Copa del Rey. He will be up against an old rival from the Franjiverdes, eventually moving to Elche’s side thanks to Pere Milla’s epic goal in the promotion tie in August 2020. Things have changed a lot in two and a half years.

Girona is now the favorite team of Spanish and European football. Co-leader of the First Division, tied on points with Real MadridBoth the holdovers from their last game against Betis (they drew in the 88th minute) and the ones Madrid took advantage of in stoppage time to beat Alavés were unable to spend Christmas in first place for just a few minutes.

So, given that none of the big three are options, this could possibly be the most attractive opponent Elche could face. Moreover, The Catalans will be visiting the province for the second time this year as they eliminated Orihuela in Los Arcos in the previous round.. Up front, Sebastián Beccacece’s men will have a team that offers attractive, vertical football with an exchange of blows. Fun seems guaranteed. It is necessary to take into account that Girona will have a tough duel with Atletico before (January 3).

In case the Franjiverdes surprise, this month’s calendars will be tightened, as the following rounds of the cup are also scheduled for January: round 16 (week 17) and quarter-finals (week 24), both in single-leg matches, with Elche also in them in the Martínez Valero stadium.


Regarding the league, the team led by Beccacece will start the second round of the competitions by visiting Istanbul on the 13th. Tenerife (18:30), after completing the first half of the course in a secret twelfth position.

Elche will face the following situation before tearing off the January page of the calendar: Valladolid locally (at 21:00 on the 21st) and will cross the border to cross the border Andorra (28th, no schedule). Three games in front of complex opponents: the Canaries and Pucelanos are ahead in the qualification table and the Andorrans have a very distinctive style that is always difficult to resist.


Another focus of the month in Elche will be the transfer market, which opens on the 1st and will close at the end of January.. Franjiverdes have salary margins to undertake various operations and needs that become evident in the first half of the year.

Elche owner Christian Bragarnik Axel Alvarez

The owner of the club Christian Bragarnik, will chair the sports commission once again. In addition to his two initial free chips, he also has the option of canceling the chip of long-injured Óscar Plano. This will allow the party to field three reinforcements during the winter months without the need for any casualties.

Although there is a margin, it looks like there will be outflows in the coming days. Candidates like central defender appear on the ramp Alex MartinThe player, who attracted the interest of many clubs after playing only 317 minutes in the league, made 5 appearances, 4 of which were starting. Another one that has a good market in Argentina but is not as prominent as expected is: Lautaro Blanco. The Rosario man played 10 League matches but only added 325 minutes as Beccacece gave him three kick-offs and was unable to complete the game in any of them.