Rafa Nadal spoke for the first time since his arrival brisbaneThe Mallorcan, who will take part in the 31st tournament starting on Sunday, shared a promotional event with hundreds of fans at Queen Street Mall, signing autographs and answering questions about his return to the field.

“I feel good, much better than I expected a month ago. I can’t complain. It will be difficult at first. After all, I haven’t been on the tennis court for a year. I trained with good intensity last month. I’m not saying anything is impossible, but being here is a victory.“He warned the Mayor.

“I’m not a player trying to predict what kinds of things might happen in the short term, and doing so in the medium term is even more complicated. I also don’t set very long term goals because I don’t see myself playing for a long time.. “I want to try to give myself the opportunity to be more competitive as the season progresses,” he admitted of his planning for the season that has just begun.

“I have to face this process by accepting the difficulties, knowing that Not everything will be perfect in the beginning. I must maintain the right attitude and work spirit every day. When you can’t compete, you miss the competition, the fans, playing in the best stadiums, going out and seeing a full field. Probably the thing I missed the most was the feeling you get, that you’re ready to compete. ready to have fun and experiment“, he stated in another thought.

He concluded his words by thanking the support he received during these 11 months when he could not compete: “When things are not going well, of course the support of the public helps us move forward. I feel very lucky. I have received great support everywhere and Australia It has always been a very special place for me.. “I’ve had unforgettable moments here and I’m looking forward to spending another year like this.”