No, no, El Periódico de Catalunya of the Prensa Ibérica group is in a position to confirm that he is not innocent, even though half the world believes he is. No, not that, prestigious and popular sports journalist and commentator Ernest Riverasuntil sound motorcycle world championshipwell and another thing yes, in DAZN private payment chain created a great excitement because just like before Leaving RTVE January 2014once again, he used the social network Signs for RTVE, specifically Deportes Sant Cugat.

It is clear that today being innocent saints and just as he said on Twitter in 2014: “It’s a strange day, both sad and happy, because after 26 years at TVE I’m leaving TV. I hope the future is good and we can continue like that.” See you.”, most of his followers think he is innocent. Not so, Riveras, who recently broadcast the races on a record in Barcelona, ​​is returning to his old home. Riveras, 59, started working at Antena-3 and Radio Barcelona Cadena in 1985.


In his video, in which he justifies that he has not spent much time on the channels lately, Riveras begins by saying, “After 10 years, I am returning to Spanish Television,” but adds, “I will tell you something that very few people know.”

Riveras’ announcement continues: “It has been an incredible adventure creating three channels at Telefónica; MotoGP, F-1, football; then on Movistar+, always with the support of Dorna, and in the last five years with DAZN, starting almost from scratch in 2019. These are incredible years that I wouldn’t trade for anything, but I’m back to where I was for 26 years.

Riveras returns home and announces this with tremendous emotion, both because of what he left behind wherever he went. “Ten years later, I return to Deportes in Sant Cugat; I’m so happy they welcomed me with open arms and I’m so glad I can contribute everything I’ve learned over the last ten years. And I’m very happy for the future too, because everything TVE has planned for the next eight years, starting next summer, is incredible because if I want to comment on motorcycles, the Paris Olympic Games fascinate me. That’s it, I’m coming back to Spanish television and we’ll continue to see each other here.”