this Girona and Tenerife did not go from a draw to zero in the first leg this Saturday.playoff final for promotion La Liga Santander held in MontiliviA lost lead at home for the Catalans, who also dominated the match.

Next Sunday, Heliodoro Rodriguez López He will decide the first, third and final ticket, after the promotions of Almería and Valladolid. The Canaries neutralized the good disposition of a Girona who didn’t want to fail in their third straight final.

this The Catalan team was much better in the first half, but the plan for Tenerife didn’t go completely wrong. Míchel’s men moved the ball quickly and found dangerous situations, but the only clear chance was Baena, one-on-one, to save Soriano.

Almost complete control of the natives did not mean a siege, and although they controlled the vertical state of the Canary Islands, they were there too. After losing both games against Ramis’ men this season and getting a draw against Eibar before this final, that can be improved as well.Girona stepped forward.

Three minutes later, Pol Lozano scored, shortly after Arnau won the match and that’s how Girona came in. A few corners, a comb from Juanpe, all that was missing was a link to a well-protected Stuani. Tenerife did not leave their court for several minutes and after half an hour they created their chances with a ball hitting the far post and Mollejo made it dangerous.

The best thing about Girona was the pressure after losing and Baena came up with a great option after 39 minutes after Aleix García’s steal. this reboot continued with same script, but the Girona rhythm was passing on first touch and Tenerife felt more comfortable. Ramis team also got a very clear win against Mollejo thinking more about the comeback but not knowing how to do well.

Míchel’s team rushed and could not find a clear path to the goal, which they will have to look for in Heliodoro, because this draw would have been worth the Canaries after extra time. A return to the First Division after 12 years is closer to Tenerife and not farther for a Girona who wants to be the attraction for the third time.


-Result: Girona, 0 – Tenerife, 0


Girona FC: Juan Carlos; Arnau, Santi Bueno, Bernardo, Juanpe (Jairo, min.79), Valery (Óscar Ureña, min.97); Álex Baena (Samu Saiz, min.79), Pol Lozano, Aleix García (Sala, min.97), Iván Martín and Stuani (Bustos, min.80).

CD Tenerife: John Soriano; Moore, Sergio Gonzalez, Jose Leon, Mellot; Bermejo (Andrés Martín, min. 80), Corredera (Carlos Ruiz, min. 80), Aitor Sanz, Mollejo (Pomares, min. 80); Mario González (Elady, min.61) and Enric Gallego.

-Judge: Hernández Maeso (C. Extremeño). He scolded Pol Lozano (min. 25) and Baena (min. 75) from Girona. And to Zorrilla (min.69) and Andrés Martín (min.91) in Tenerife.

-Stadium: Montilivi, 11,303 spectators.