HE villareal Confirms progress since Marcelino García’s arrival on the bench Win against Panathinaikos (3-2) This guarantees qualification to the second stage of the season with two games to be played Europa League.

Despite taking a 3-0 lead at the beginning of the second half, the Castellón team could not dominate the match due to the insecurity in the defense. If they overcome the defeat next week, they will take first place in the group during their visit to Rennes. La Cerámica against a despondent Maccabi Haifa in the postponed match on its day.

Marcelino’s team knew they were one win away from qualifying. Excellent performance against PanathinaikosHe also had to win to survive in the competition.

villareal took possession of the ball and from the first moment he looked for a goal, which Comesaña almost reached with a header.

The Castellón team’s lead was very high, but Rubén Pérez’s shot, saved by Reina’s reflexes, raised a number of doubts.

Panathinaikos is encouraged and for a quarter of an hour the game appeared to drift towards the Villarreal half, once again dominated by old defensive ghosts and doubts about receiving the ball.

Morales saved the Greek possession with a long shot, but it was Ilias Amokach who decisively settled the game after a wonderful individual move on the wing helped Baena into space and allowed the Almerian to beat Helena’s goal. with a subtle touch.

The goal was scored to Villarreal, who did not allow their opponent to leave the field. Just five minutes later, at the other end, Morales beat the defense and sent the ball into the crescent area of ​​the penalty area, so Comesaña sent the ball into the corner with a superb shot after a perfect break.

Panathinaikos finally collapsed Villarreal recovered his memory and football from time to time This is what has characterized him in recent years.

With Parejo at the controls, Marcelino’s team turned the pitch into a wonderful rondo and devoted themselves to positional and touch plays, much to the delight of their fans.

Only Rubén Pérez dared to disrupt the monologue once again with an attempt to surprise Reina from midfield, but failed.

HE Panathinaikos took risks at the beginning of the second halfBut his courage was in vain two minutes later when Baena punished a defensive error, gave the ball to Morales and the Madrid player extended his love affair with the goal as he wanted.

Having gained a comfortable lead, Villarreal confidently gave the ball to the Greek team. He never lowered his arms despite the distance on the scoreboard.

Aitor Cantalapiedra threatened to have the goal disallowed upon VAR’s request, and shortly afterwards Palacios beat Reina after grabbing the rebound of Ioannidis’ missed penalty kick.

Immediately afterwards, Aitor Cantalapiedra had the opportunity to put his team in the fight for points with his shot into the empty goal.

Marcelino entered the field and tried to stop the inertia of the game with his changes, but Panathinaikos not relieved and ten minutes from the end he reduced the gap again with Ioannidis.

Despite their defensive nerves, Villarreal knew how to withstand the Greek attacks and had many opportunities to avoid the final agony, but goalkeeper Brignoli avoided the situation with great saves from shots from Gerard Moreno, Alberto Moreno and Brereton.