Former Dinamo player was not surprised by the blue-whites’ victory against Zenit 04:31

Former defender of Rostov and Dynamo, Vitaly Dyakov, talked about how the blue-whites managed to beat Zenit in the first quarter-final match of the Russian Cup RPL Road. His words are quoted “Euro-Football.Ru”.

“I am not surprised by Dynamo’s victory. I have said many times that the blue and whites have a good squad, they have a squad and they have someone to choose from. That is why Dynamo has a good team and they won today in difficult climatic conditions: cold, rain and wind. “The team showed character by winning while playing for short periods of time. Zenit still lost by one goal, but that’s okay, such a team will produce interesting football,” said Dyakov.

On November 29, Dynamo beat Zenit 1-0 in their first match. Smolov scored the only goal in the 74th minute. In the 69th minute, the Muscovites were in the minority due to the dismissal of Jorge Carrascal. The rematch will take place in March 2024 in St. It will be played in St. Petersburg.

Dynamo will play their next match in the Russian Premier League (RPL) against Rubin, while Zenit will play against Lokomotiv.

Previously Zenit statedRPL is a priority for the team /

Source: Gazeta


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